ZOO Zlin
Czech Republic,  Zlín Region

ZOO Zlin and Chateau Lesna

One sunny summer in 2016 we decided it’s time for our baby girl to explore the world’s animals and we went to the ZOO. There’re two reasons we chose the ZOO in Zlin. First of all, we’ve already been to Brno’s ZOO. Second of all, it seemed to be more interesting because of the chateau Lesna on the ZOO’s territory.  


Zlin itself was not a really appealing place as it turned out, but I didn’t mind going 100 kilometres for its ZOO. This route can be managed within hour from Brno, and that’s because of the highway. ZOO Zlin is a bit further from the city centre, but there’re signs. No need to worry about being lost, just observe.  


I recommend you to go early in the morning, preferably at the opening. There’re less people in ZOO, queues to enter different attractions are shorter and more importantly you may get the chance to park for free. There’s only one parking free of charge, while many more costs 80 kc a day as far as I remember.  

ZOO is opened year-round. The full admission fee is 130 kc. Off season (January-March) the ticket cost 80 kc. The ZOO is not that big as it seems, it took us around 4 hours to cover it all, with a lunch and a break for ice-creams. 


Unfortunately, we didn’t go inside the chateau, because I somehow couldn’t imagine a 16-month-old baby girl jogging around and trying to touch everything. But the XIX century building impresses itself, with all the windows, towers and colours. I couldn’t take my eyes off. I was satisfied. If you want to look inside the luxurious interiors, the tour takes place every full hour, there is only one circle and it costs 60 kc. You cannot go to the chateau without paying the ZOO’s admission fee.  

Chateau, ZOO Zlin
Chateau, ZOO Zlin


The whole area is divided into several sections, where you can find different types of animals from around the world. On 50 ha species like colourful birds, enormous elephants, dangerous alligators or a majestic lion live there. Definitely one of the biggest attractions of the ZOO are rays, which you can feed yourself or even touch. Because of that, while entering the building you are forced to clean hands and take all jewellery off.  

I was also amazed by the Japanese gardens- Zen music in the background as an addition to beautifully groomed grass and little trees.   

Elephant in ZOO Zlin
The elephant in ZOO Zlin


Kids will love that place. There’re many allurements for them besides animals of course. There’re dinosaurs’ island, really big playground at the Australian area, water attractions in front of ray’s building, not to mention delicious cookies, lemonades or ice-creams.  

As for older visitors, you may get Belgian chocolate at the newly open Chocolaterie, Ethiopian cookies and coffee in Ethiopia area, Czech cuisine at one of many restaurants or cold beverages almost everywhere.  

All of that until 4 p.m.  

Rays in ZOO Zlin
Rays in ZOO Zlin


If you feel like hiking, you plan more time for your trip enjoy Chriby. It’s closeby, there’re plenty of different attractions, including castles, lookout towers and more.

Salas lookout tower in Chriby
Salas lookout tower in Chriby


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