Cimburk Castle
Czech Republic,  Zlín Region

Cimburk Castle, Korycany

In the middle of the forest, but easy to find lies Cimburk castle in Korycany. It seems quite big from the bird’s eye as I saw on the internet, but once you’re inside it changes its proportion.


We choose to go there on Castle’s Night, as this was one of the castles close by that offered an interesting program. Not only did we feel like we moved backward in time. That’s because of the knights and fencers but we also witnessed the most spectacular fire show. A lot of sensation was going on that night. Everything started at 6 p.m. once we entered the castle. We could have moved freely around the castle without supervision, visited every corner of it, and taken as much time as we needed to look into every detail. Then one demonstration by one took place. We’ve been a part of the lectures about swords used by knights back in time. About the clothes proper ladies wore in Baroque, or admired battles between knights. What’s more, every hour or so guided tours were organized.

201409 Cimburk 00012
One of the shows at Cimburk


Those who participated learned many interesting facts about the castle, things they wouldn’t google or find on the castle’s official website. I was a bit shocked when I entered the “basement” and heard there were six more floors underneath the place I was standing. As long as we could enter the “basement”, which was at a time transformed into an alchemist’s laboratory, unfortunately, we were not allowed to see what’s hiding beneath our feet. Maybe better for us, because it must have been cold and dark over there since it served as a food warehouse. Actually nowadays they also keep beer and food supplies there.

201409 Cimburk 00004
Cimburk castle


Another point that draw my attention was the story about a 300-year-old tree, which grew on the main yard. Castle’s guardians were afraid it may collapse one day destroying the building in front of it. They wanted to cut it down, but green fighters were completely opposed to that idea. Eventually castle won, the tree was cut down, but not thrown away. It was recycled- a new roof and chairs were made out of it.


It’s around 50 kilometers from Brno in directions to Vyskov, go through Slavkov u Brna, Bucovice and then straight to Korycany.

You don’t necessarily need to park your car in Korycany, since it’s quite a distance to walk. There’s a parking place around a kilometer from the castle: U Krizku, so-called crossroads between two hiking paths-yellow and red. You should follow the yellow one. But first how to get there? From the city Korycany turn right before the church and follow the Lhotka street as long as you see the parking space.

The GPS coordinates of the castle are as follow: GPS 49°6’13.177″N, 17°12’58.217″E.



They are open every day from 10 am to 5 pm from September till April, during summer they are open from 9 am till 6pm.

Official website

Enjoy your visit


Stay for a weekend in a nearby Kyjov or Buchlovice and explore the region even more. There’re plenty of different attractions nearby. In Stare Mesto you can find for example Kovozoo or Water of Life in Modra. In Chriby mountain range many hiking paths that will lead you to observation towers and ruins of the castles.

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