• Zug by the lake

    Lazy Sunday afternoon in Zug, Switzerland

    Zug is a small picturesque city remote only 25 minutes by car from Zurich. It’s also connected with a direct train from Zurich. It’s a favorite destination for a lazy Sunday – don’t rush and enjoy. Visit the Old Town,…

  • Zurich city

    14 places in Zurich everyone will love! 

    Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland, yet not its capital. It’s beautiful and full of magical places but stuffed with travelers. It’s stocked with the finest chocolates, cheese, and local products, but it’s expensive. It’s a healthy balance, don’t…

  • Bratislava

    Weekend in Bratislava. What to do? What to see? 

    Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia and a perfect place for a weekend trip. There’re plenty of things to do there, it has a convenient location (near Vienna or Budapest) and the historic city is compact for travelers to see the…

  • Tolmin Gorges

    All you need to know about Tolmin Gorge

    Tolmin Gorge is yet another spot on the touristic map of Slovenia’s finest. It’s a part of Triglav National Park, located at the southern end of it. It’s no worse than the Vintgar Gorge, and I would say it’s even…

  • Slovenia Bled

    Lake Bled. The most photographic spot in Slovenia.

    Lake Bled is unquestionably the most picturesque spot in Slovenia. It’s romantic, it’s sporty and it’s fun. Whether you are about to spend one day or a week in Bled, you’ll find plenty of activities to do there. If I had…

  • Salzburg

    A quick tour around Salzburg

    Salzburg is the 4th biggest city of Austria, filled with historical places and landmarks. 7 million people visit Salzburg yearly to absorb its charm, as a consequence it’s simply…crowded. And unfortunately, I see no charm in it. Obviously, the captivating view…