• Bielsko Biala
    Poland,  Silesia

    Surprising trip to Bielsko-Biała, Poland

    It’s not the most popular city in Poland, but this is the kind of place that welcomes you for a short trip. Although the city is quite big, one day is sufficient to see the most out of it. Anyway,…

  • Jachymka cave
    South Moravia

    Cave Jachymka and muddy Hike in Adamov

    Last weekend we set of for an adventure to explore cave Jachymka, also situated in Moravian Karst as you might have expected, but this time near Adamov in Josefov valley.   JOSEFOS VALLEY Josefov Valley (also called Křtinský žleb) is a 10 km long karst…

  • Sledging in Brno
    Brno,  South Moravia

    Sledging. Top places in and around Brno

    Winter 2020/2021 is full of surprises. First, the ski season didn’t start properly, then all off sudden swimming in the ice water started and became a boom. It was snowing heavily, even in the least expected places like Spain. People,…

  • Ski Fajtuv Kopec_Velke Mezirici
    Czech Republic,  Vysocina Region

    Skiing near Brno: Ski fajtuv kopec

    We finished this year’s skiing adventure in Velke Mezirici 2 weeks ago. The last ski resort we visited was a bit different than the others. It’s called Ski Resort Fajtuv Kopec, and it’s only 30 minutes away from Brno by car. We drove via D1…

  • Velke Karlovice
    Czech Republic,  Zlín Region

    Skiing in Czech mountains: Velke Karlovice

    Even though we had an accommodation in Karolinka, we were still quite curious about Velke Karlovice. After all, primarily it was our destination.   BECVA CYCLE PATH Karolinka and Velke Karlovice are connected by the Becva Cycle Path. It’s actually a very picturesque walk, which takes around 40 minutes.  If you are tired with…

  • karolinka
    Czech Republic,  Zlín Region

    Skiing in Czech mountains: Karolinka

    This year was actually the first time we set up for a winter break with kids. Last year Alicja attended the private kindergarten, which basically run non-stop, so we didn’t even notice there was a school break. Why there Because…