Stezka Valaska
Czech Republic,  Zlín Region

Unforgettable experience at Stezka valaska

At the very end of our trip to Beskids, we visited the recently built Stezka Valaska. It’s an observation tower built in Pustevny.  It gradually gets higher and higher every step you take until you reach the maximum height of 30 meters above the ground. It’s way more exciting than the regular observation towers with its 660 meters long walkway among trees. Not to mention top attractions that await those who are not afraid to try.  Himalayan walkway, skywalk and trampolines are the most extreme ones.   


The Himalayan walkway is a 150-meter-long suspension bridge, which can be easily rocked. I am not afraid of heights, but this made me sick in my stomach.  

Himalayan Walkway
Himalayan Walkway


Skywalk is the highest point in the walkway, it’s called selfie point as well. It’s a 30 meter above ground, see through observation point. Only for the bravest.  

Every meter you walk it gets colder and windier, only the toughest can stay at the highest platform more than 15 minutes. My youngest kid changed the color of her skin to purple blueish after just a few minutes, so we had to run down.  

Sky walk, Valaska Walkway
Sky walk, Valaska Walkway


I love the idea of adding special entertainment for the youngest adventurers.  Even though walking in the tree tops seems to be exciting for most of the kids, some might find it boring.  For them there are fun-house mirrors, educational boards and wooden animals. I also noticed the new playground is being built.  It may be open during the summer season.   

I was a bit happy trampolines were closed during our visit, somehow, I couldn’t imagine looking at our girls jumping 12 meters above ground.  Of course, safety first.  I’m sure nothing could happen, there is a safety net spread all over the place, but just the fact.  My kids sometimes get crazy ideas.   

To be honest overall, I felt okay with my kids walking or running freely on the walkway.  As long as they didn’t disturb anyone.  



The walkway is open all year round with some difference in closing time depending on the month of the year.   

We were surprised at the entrance, because kids got some unexpected gifts with our ticket. 


In my humble opinion the construction itself is worth seeing. It was constructed for about 2 years, with high respect to the environment. No logging was necessary. It cost around 50 million Czech crowns and there was no financial help from European Union or Czech Country.



The Stezka Valaska is the cheapest in the Czech Republic.  There are other similar walkways, with different attractions of course, spread across Czech Republic or Slovakia that are way more expensive. Those are: Krkonose Tree Top Walk, The Sky Walk in Dolni Morava, Tree Top Walkway Lipno in Sumava or Tree Top walk Bachledka in Slovakia. 


I hope you will take the journey, it’s a 2-hour distance from Brno. It’s definitely worth it.  

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