Brno Zamilovany Hajek
Brno,  Czech Republic,  South Moravia

5 less known spots in Brno

Since we should keep the distance from other individuals, city centre may not be the best idea to take a walk right now. We are lucky enough to live in Brno, where plenty of green areas are just around the corner. Technically every district of Brno has either beautiful parks, grasslands or woods. Every time I go on an exploratory mission, I find new and exciting places for me, even though I’ve lived here for 10 years already.  Maybe you’ll find them interesting as well. Here are 5 spots in Brno to visit and keep you away from the crowd. They will also take you closer the nature. Just get a breath of fresh air and forget about all the pandemic.  

Udoli Oddechu –Bystrc  

A brief hour walk in the Udoli Oddechu can cheer you up for the whole day. You can go easy, with just following the yellow path start and finish close to Kamenolon Tram Stop or you can go hard by continuing to Holedna Obora and ending in completely different part of Brno. It does really depend on your fitness and time.  Beware of Obora Holedna, the main entrance in Zebetin during the weekend. The parking is loaded with cars, which means quite a lot of people, especially with kids stay around the wild boars.  

Brno Udoli Oddechu
Brno Udoli Oddechu

Zamilovany Hajek – Reckovice 

You’ll love this place. It’s rather a romantic picnic spot, but you may walk it around as well, take a look at the gardens, walk in the secret path along the river or go deeper into to the woods. If you follow the yellow path you can finish in Sobesice Ostra Horka. It’s a really refreshing hike through the forest. Something just for the occasion.   

 Brno Zamilovany Hajek
Brno Zamilovany Hajek

Panska Licha – Sobesice  

Which leads me directly to the next spot. Ostra Horka is a viewing point, but Sobesice is a great location on its own. Just take a walk around the neighbourhood and admire the beautiful houses. Another idea, take a stop Panska Licha and follow the yellow path to the equestrian site. You can observe the horses training, buy yourself a cold beverage at the restaurant’s open window and cherish the moment. On our way back we got lost in the woods, finally finding the way back to the car. If just few kilometres is not enough for you, follow the cycle path 5005 to Bilovice nad Svitavou or yellow path to Obrany.  

Brno Panska Licha
Brno Panska Licha

Zebetin pond and the Podkomorske woods – Zebetin 

It may be a brisk walk, forest walking or a half-day trip if you wish. We started at the zebetinsky rybnik, but because of the quite an attendance moved across the meadow in direction to the horses’ farm we saw from a distance. (in direction to Bystrc) Here in Podkomorske forests several marked paths are prepared for Nordic walking. From Chvalovka wooden observation point, there’s an amazing view at the Brno Dam. You may even walk the red path through the forest to Rakovecka bus stop at the Brno Dam.  

Bosonozsky Hajek – Zebetin/Popuvky 

There’s a really slight chance you meet somebody in that small woods. It’s out in nowhere, nothing but the birdsong. Just ideal for the moment, ideal to forget that anything else exists. There’re no marked paths. Just your imagination. You may get here from the bus stop Borovnik (bus. 51), continue then to Popuvky or back to Zebetin.  

How did you like those 5 spots in Brno to visit?


To truly feel the Brno experience you need to stay a night. The spots mentioned above are in different parts of Brno and that would be a hassle to visit all at once.

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