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Educational Path Bobrstezka

Almost 1 kilometre long educational path(pohadkova Bobrstezka) is waiting for the kids at the bank of the Bobrava river.  It’s a hidden gem.  

A lot of fun

There it is, in Nebovidy village starts a fairy tale adventure. There’re high mountains, suspension bridges, spider webs, a raging river, huge ants and finally ladybirds waiting for the kids. Of course none of them dangerous. All tested by no one else but kids. Mine loved it, yours will definitely love it too. Even though, the distance may be walked in 20 minutes,  reserve much longer,  it may take your kids a while to climb all the attractions prepared for them. With a 5 year old and a 2 year old it took us around 2 hours.   

We went there last Saturday morning. Silence was only interrupted by the song of cuckoo birds,  wind and laugh of my kids. Consequently, it was like a playground without all the noise and kids. Due to that, I do really recommend visiting the place if you’re afraid of the crowd these days.   


On the other hand however, it was quite difficult to find . Before the trip, we searched for the closest parking spot on the map and found one straight in Nebovidy,  really close to allotments. From there,  it’s a narrow path between the gardens leading to Bobrava bike path.  Unfortunately it’s not marked in any way.  We’re instructed by the kind local, only then we’re able to find our way. Alice wanted to make it easier for you and is showing the way on the photo.   

Of course there’s an alternative. Follow the blue path from Zelesice,  through our main point Bobrstezka (educational path) and finish in  Moravany. Both villages accessible by public transportation . It makes around 6 km long hike.   

Public Transport

*Zelesice,  bus 510 from Olympia,  Modrice.  Bus stop: U Sulzru  

*Moravany, bus to Ustredni Hrbitov 501, Bus Stop: Hlavni  

Treat for winners

By the way,  there’s a famous patisserie with home made desserts in Moravany called Tarta,  it’s on Novosady 24 street.  It may be an ideal end of the trip.  Not only for your kid.  Treat yourself as well.  

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