• Sledging in Brno
    Brno,  South Moravia


    Winter 2020/2021 is full of surprises. First, the ski season didn’t start properly, then all off sudden swimming in the ice water started and become a boom. It was snowing heavily, even in the least expected places like Spain. People,…

  • Educational path Brno Sobesice
    Brno,  Czech Republic

    Forest Educational Path in Brno Sobesice

    In the middle of the way between Brno Sobesice and Utechov lays forest educational path (lesni naucni stezka) Lipka that we visited last weekend. Sobesice  Sobesice is a small district on the north of Brno, surrounded by forests. It’s connected with Bilovice nad Svitavou , Mokra Hora or Reckovice by touristic…

  • Velka Klajdovka
    Brno,  Czech Republic

    Hiking in Brno–my top 5

    What’s better after a long working week than a hiking trip? Besides amazing city tours, immemorable pub tours or castle visit, Brno has wide possibilities to spend quality time out in nature. Within just 30 minutes or less you can…

  • Brno_Obora Holedna
    Brno,  Czech Republic,  South Moravia

    Nature reserve: Obora Holedna, Brno

    Holedna is a 391 m high hill surrounded by a forest, that connects few districts of Brno: Bystrc, Jundrov, Kohoutovice and Zebetin. Holedna is one of the places I like coming back to. My kids love to.   Educational Path They can never get bored with the educational path and…

  • Stranska Skala
    Brno,  Czech Republic,  South Moravia

    Stranska Skala, Brno

    Only 15 minutes away from the busy streets of Brno centre, in Julianov district you will find a great place for an afternoon walk. Not only will you breathe some fresh air but you will also get the chance to…