Kamenny Vrch view
Brno,  Czech Republic,  South Moravia

Outdoor walk with kids: Kamenny Vrch in Brno

The beginning of 2020 summer in the Czech Republic didn’t really pamper us completely. Therefore, as soon as the temperature exceeded 20 degrees and it stopped raining, we seized the opportunity to set off on a trip to a nearby Kamenny Vrch.  


My kids love public transportation, of course as long as it takes no more than 30 minutes. When the time limit ends, moaning followed by bad behavior begins. That is why I tend to avoid long-distance routes. The city centre, nearby districts are still fine. For that reason, I chose the forest-park Kamenny Vrch in Novy Liskovec district.  Few buses (26,37, 50, 35) can take you there and the bus stop is called Koniklecova.  

Nature reserve in Novy Liskovec
Nature reserve in Novy Liskovec


The forest-park Kamenny Vrch is located 10 minutes walk from the bus stop. The footpath in the direction to blocks of flat changes to green path that we followed. On the way, a nature reserve is located as well. It’s exceptional because of the pasqueflowers that grow here between March and June. By the look of the attendance, it’s quite popular among locals. No wonder, this boomerang shaped, 360 meters above sea level reserve seems like an ideal place to relax. We didn’t make longer stop here, as our goal was different. Follow the green path and order fresh squeezed lemonade at the restaurant in Myslivna Hotel.    


First on our way appeared the lookout Tower. We climbed the stairs and seen nothing, except the vast greenery of this place. Unfortunately, the trees obscure the view. There’s a plan to build a new one just few hundred meters further. Nothing really changed since the last time I’ve been here 4 years ago – I guess it was postponed.  Because we didn’t want to leave the Kamenny Vrch straightaway, we went to see the water pool full of little frogs and tadpoles. Definitely a great adventure for kids to observe the little creatures. After building a leaf house for frogs we moved forward to check out the bridge. Unfortunately, on the way back we got “attacked” by ticks and my attitude changed completely. I hate ticks so much I wanted to be out of the forest immediately.  We got back on the green path as quickly as possible and after few hundred meters, we changed direction toward Hotel Myslivna – for that long-awaited lemonade. For the interested one, the green track goes further through Kohoutovice to Obora Holedna.  

Look-out Tower Kamenny Vrch
Look-out Tower Kamenny Vrch


After just few minutes we arrived at the hotel Myslivna. We walked through the main entrance unnoticed, walked along the hall, and finally got to the restaurant.  It wasn’t my first visit to Myslivna Restaurant, but undeniably first that weird.  Literally, no one was there. I waited for the waiter for nearly 30 minutes. Finally, I went over to the bar and still found nobody. This is probably what the pandemic did to the hotel – understaffed, not prepared for visitors. A bit later we left, still thirsty for that lemonade. But don’t be mistaken. This one time definitely didn’t scare me off for good. This restaurant has 2 main advantages: its outdoor playground for kids and hair-raising view on the city.  This is one of the restaurants, where you can invite your better half for a romantic dinner or take your whole family for the Sunday Lunch.  

Playground in Myslivna Restaurant
Playground in Myslivna Restaurant

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