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Relax by the water in South Moravia – 8 fantastic spots 

It’s not every weekend that we’re travelling, discovering new places or sightseeing. During those hot summer weeks, we do also like to just stay by the water and relax, have some fun and simply enjoy. This is the list of all the places we’ve been to, but don’t limit yourself to it. Maybe you know some places that was not included? Share with us in the comment!



Biotope in Oslavany town offers a natural bathing, an alternative for swimming pools. The water although not crystal clear, without chlorine, is safe to swim in. The filtration and cleaning process goes through aquatic plants. The location of the biotope is pretty unique. Where else can you sunbathe and swim with a view of the Renaissance castle? 

TRANSPORT: By bus: 406 from Brno Mendel square, By car via D1 


It’s a small water reservoir located at the borders of Ceskovice and Blansko, that lays outside of town. It’s perfect for kids, because it’s not deep, and there’s a lot of shade. Kids will also love the nearby playground, and mini-golf, while adults can play volleyball. You also don’t need to worry about food, because everything is there. There’s a restaurant, some fast food booth or an ice-cream stall.  

TRANSPORT: train to Blansko, then distance around 3 kilometers on foot or bus Hotel Panorama. By car: parking in front of the lake.  


Located near the Moravian Karstis rather not that popular. It’s a small lake with a grassy shore. There’s a restaurant by the lake called Surfbar, a campsite and a wakeboard rental. Jedovnice is also known for its single trail in the forest above the lake. Or, it’s a 7 kilometers ride/walk around the lake if you need a break from sunbathing.  

TRANSPORT: By bus from Brno Zidenice. It takes around 50 minut through Ochoz and Krtiny to get there, buses: 728201 25, 728201 27, 728201 29. By car from Brno in the direction to Ochoz and Krtiny.  


It’s a small and secluded swimming pool with a decent fast food selection – the cou cou bistro. The admission fee compared to the ones in Brno is nothing. Although there’s no playground for kids, they can play all day long there.  

TRANSPORT: Direct train from Brno, by car through Stary Liskovec

  • Strelice Swimming pool
  • Strelice Swimming pool



Because it’s so close to Brno, it’s a perfect location for its citizens to grab a picnic blanket and go vent out in nature. People are swimming on the spot: U kadlcova mlyna, but if you just want to relax by the water there’re more places you can choose.   

TRANSPORT: bus 55, stop: Marianske Udoli.  

201404 Brno Marianske Udoli 00009
Marianske Udoli


Nove Mlyny water reservoir in Pasohlavky, the biggest in South Moravia, offers a wide array of services. Sunbathing as a starter, refreshing beverages, and tasty food as the main course, and water sports for dessert. Everything you need is basically at one place.  

TRANSPORT: direct link from Brno Zvonarka by bus: Bus 726105 9. By car in direction to Wien.  


Brno reservoir is booming during summer. People gather with whole families, close friends and relatives enjoying a whole day out. You can swim basically everywhere; everyone has their favourite spot. Undisputedly one of the main attractions is a boat (parnik), which can take you from Bystrc quay to several spots on two sides of the reservoir, through Veveri castle, ending in Veverska Bityska.  For water sport fans there’s a yacht club, where you can pay for some private lessons.  It’s also possible to rent pedal boats in different places around the lake, among others at Kozi horka. 

TRANSPORT: By tram no 1, stop: Prehrada. By car: a lot of parking spaces around the lake.  


Swim in the Jihlava river, enjoy surrounding nature and be sure to come early. If you come too late it may be difficult to find a parking spot, but if you come by public transport nothing to worry about.  

TRANSPORT: direct train from Brno to Ivancice letovisko, by car through Popuvky and Neslovice  

And of course, the list doesn’t end here. Only in Brno you have got a few swimming pools: Kravi Hora, Dobrak, Riviera, etc, but the one recommended nearby are for example Slavkov u Brna, the aquapark in Kurim or Blansko. For natural swimming visit Lulec – also with famous bistro or Mikulov and the Janicuv Vrch Lom. The ones with camp on the site are Vranov nad Dyji, camp Bitov with an outside aquapark or Dalesice. Depending on your preferences, you may find what you need!

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