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    2 days in Warsaw, Poland – is it enough? 

    Warsaw – the capital city and the biggest city in Poland is full of attractions, but how many days is enough? 1, 2 or more? Of course, the more you stay, the more you see. But let me show you…

  • Lodz

    Lodz, Poland- 4 awesome ways to see it.

    Lodz is an industrial city in the heart of Poland. It’s often omitted as a tourist attraction. However, it might be a fun destination for a one-day trip.   Depending on who your fellow traveler is, Lodz can be seen from…

  • PL Poznan

    Poznań – 4 reasons I did not like it 

    Poznań is the biggest city in the Greater Poland region and the 5th biggest city in Poland. It’s also where the first diocese in Poland was founded on Cathedral island in the 10th century. Students love its vibrant nightlife, and…

  • Szklarska poręba

    Szklarska Poręba – Polish mountain resort

    Top attraction for a weekend Szklarska Poręba is one of the cities connected with the Legends of the Giant Mountains Ghost. It’s located at the foot of Giant Mountains (Karkonosze) and Izerskie Mountains. The city itself is nothing spectacular, but…

  • Sopot

    Sopot for a day

    Sopot is a famous seaside resort on the Polish Baltic Sea coast. It’s a mixture of elegant villas, upscale restaurants, and buzzing clubs. Every year around 2 million Polish and international visitors come to this glitzy resort on the Baltic…

  • Gdansk

    10 top places you cannot miss in Gdańsk

    The city with rich history and amazing architecture. The city, which was almost fully wiped out during the Second World war. The city, which attracts almost 3 million tourists yearly. Gdańsk is the most beautiful city on the whole polish…

  • Malbork castle

    The biggest castle complex in Europe – Malbork Castle

    Malbork lays in the north part of Poland in Pomeranian voivodeship. The town is not big, it covers only 17,2 square kilometers. And besides few red-brick buildings, it doesn’t really stand out. But half a million people come every year…

  • Krakow

    7 attractions for kids in Krakow

    Unique architecture, historical buildings, UNESCO Sites – it’s nothing that a little traveller would want to see in the itinerary. Kids are more demanding than we may think. Walking around the city Center, searching for a lovely narrow street to…

  • Cracow

    One day itinerary in Krakow – 6 spots you cannot miss

    Krakow is a stunning city with plenty of landmarks, museums, galleries, restaurants, and one of the most well-known main squares in Poland. Because the city escaped most of the WWII destruction, Krakow’s Old Town centre still delights its impressive medieval…