View from Klucanina Observation Tower
South Moravia

Observation tower Klucanina in Tisnov

This isn’t the first time we’ve visited the observation tower Klucanina in Tisnov, but it’s the first time we’ve been there with kids.  And it definitely wasn’t a mistake. The track’s been pimped a bit. New informative boards and attractions invite young travellers.  


This is the kind of path where you won’t find this peace and tranquillity as you may be used to on a hiking tour in the forest. This track is made for families with kids, therefore expect screaming, loud laugh,ter and running little dwarfs.  

Yellow track is filled with information about forest given in a very straightforward way through pictures and games. Even though the path is not long, it may take the little ones some time to get on top. All the stations grab attention, twice of course.  

Path made for kids
Path made for kids – Observation Tower Klucanina


From more than 400 metres above sea level you can admire astonishing views for each side of the globe. All you need to do is to step 133 steps. There’re actually two balconies, the first one for more frightened folks is located at 3,2 metres high. The other one, on the other hand, is situated at a height of 21,9 meters.  But the real fun starts at 29,3 meters, and this is the highest you can go.  You can also find useful info there; stone boards will show you what’re you looking at. 

I found it really interesting that the architect put names of all those people who contributed somehow to the tower’s building, which was reconstructed in 2003. People’s names were placed on bricks from which the tower was built. 

Observation Tower Klucanina
Observation Tower Klucanina


Tisnov itself isn’t much of a sight. With everything being closed these days, it’s a bit of a ghost town, but the villa street on the way to the city centre catches the eye.  


It’s about 25 kilometres north-west from Brno. Road to Tisnov is quite simple, just head Brno-Ivanovice and Kurim, then Tisnov if you go by car. There’s also a straight train connection between Brno and Tisnov. You can get to main train station within just 30 minutes.  


  • Park at cernohorska street by the cemetery-it’s a big parking, free of charge, right where the path starts.  
  • Follow the yellow path, it’s 1,5 km long path one way 
  • Expect mud after the rain 


Really close by there’s another observation tower called Cebinka. It’s open from spring till autumn.

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