Educational path Brno Sobesice
Brno,  Czech Republic

Forest Educational Path in Brno Sobesice

In the middle of the way between Brno Sobesice and Utechov lays forest educational path (lesni naucni stezka) Lipka that we visited last weekend.


Sobesice is a small district in the north of Brno, surrounded by forests. It’s connected with Bilovice nad Svitavou , Mokra Hora or Reckovice by touristic paths. Yellow path leads to the observation tower Ostra horka as well. Sobesice itself is dotted around with cottage house, villas or modern houses. Not many to buy. I always wanted to live in that part of the city, because of the location, proximity to Moravian Karst or endless bike and touristic paths, but reality knows better.   


The educational path is 1,5 km long, and it’s marked green. There’re 8 stations explaining in an interactive way how does the forest works. The information boards show what trees, plants or animals you can find in the forest. Fun games like finding hidden animals in the bushes or playing with water await kids.  And I don’t want to disclose any more, so that you get surprised as well. This educational path was made in cooperation with educational centre for kids Lipka, who has its residency here as well. The whole path is made around the centre. The path, even though short, may take you almost the whole day. Especially during summer season.   

Forest Educational Path Lipka
Forest Educational Path Lipka


I believe this educational path is packed with information most of us may already have forgotten. Therefore, it’s good to refresh your school memories on the types of trees for example. In addition to that you get the chance to spend quality time with your offspring, watch their burst of happiness on the path and breathe some fresh air.   You may go way beyond the path if you wish.  

Forest Educational Path Lipka
Forest Educational Path Lipka


Last weekend even though sun smiled to us for a while, ground was still wet. We extended the path for a few more kilometres and walked from the U buku parking space through the muddy red forest path, reaching u jezirka and the educational path from the 8th station. We return following the yellow path back to the parking. Dirty, but fulfilled.  

Muddy path
Muddy path


There’re two parkings nearby. One that is exactly where the educational path for kids starts. By the bus station called U jezirka. Another one, a bit further away called U Buku. We parked at the U Buku and made in total around 5 kilometers through the forest. You may also use bus 57 and get off at the U jezirka stop.  

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