Namest nad Oslavou
Czech Republic,  South Moravia,  Vysocina Region

5 best day trips to chateaux and castles from Brno

Did you know that the Czech Republic has the largest density of castles in Europe? Almost every second city or town have the privilege to host a castle or chateau. Only Brno, as an example, has two castles: Spilberk and Veveri and two chateaux: Mittrovsky and Belcredi. All unique and eye-catching sights. Add unexpected experiences and broaden your perspective by visiting the listed 5 historical places ideal for a one-day trip. Brno is perfectly suited for that; the Czech railway system works just fine for short trips. Take a train and travel in time to the medieval castles or romantic baroque manor houses. Prepare your backpack and choose where do you want to go next.  


The town located less than an hour ride from Brno offers a unique stroll in the chateau’s park and the view of the magnificent classicist chateau. The gates to the chateau are opened all year round, even though the guided tours do not take place right now. The best season to visit Rajec Jestrebi castle is during summer, but it has its charm during winter as well.  

Rajec Jestrebi just before Christmas
Rajec Jestrebi just before Christmas 2020


At the borders of two regions: South Moravia and Vysocina lays picturesque little town Nedvedice. It’s located 50 kilometres north-west of Brno. The connection is flawless. From the station it’s a brisk and refreshing 2 kilometre walk straight to the gates of the castle. To the enormous medieval Pernstejn castle, which is also the main attraction of the town. Nature lovers will be delighted as well with the touristic path surrounding the castle.  

View on the Pernstejn castle from the touristic path: big circle.
View on the Pernstejn castle from the touristic path: big circle. June 2020


A comfortable 40 -minute train ride gets you to Namest nad Oslavou and its castle. A real gem among the castles of Vysocina Region. It surprised me with its diversion, authenticity and breathtaking scenery. Treat the visit as a therapy. The castle, although in every way unforeseen is rarely visited. As a bonus pay a visit to the local Café U Racku at the main square and indulge yourself in a sweet treat.  

Beautiful main court of the castle Namest nad Oslavou. October 2020
Beautiful main court of the castle Namest nad Oslavou. October 2020


Located about half an hour by train from Brno, Slavkov is a small town best known for being home to a magnificent Renaissance chateau. Historian also knows this place for the presence of famous Napoleon Bonaparte, who celebrated his victory nowhere else than in the chateau itself. The gates again are opened all year round to see the beauty of the chateau as well as its impressive and boundless gardens.  

Scorching summer day in Slavkov. August 2020
Scorching summer day in Slavkov. August 2020


It’s not an obvious choice, but the New castle in Adamov ended up in the list for two reasons. First, it’s easily accessible from the Adamov train station. The green 3,5 km long path directing to the castle allows you to fully relax over the weekend. The last 500 meters will definitely make you remember this trip. And yes, it does make a whole day trip, taking into consideration you can spend the whole day on the castle, while the traditional historic market takes place. And this is the second reason why I put this particular castle on the list.  

The walls of New castle in Adamov. Summer 2018
The walls of New castle in Adamov. Summer 2018


Brno definitely invites you to stay more than a day. Only visiting different city districts will take you a day, not to mention any trips. The whole experience of accommodation in Brno is awesome.

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