Novy Hrad u Adamova
Czech Republic,  South Moravia

New Castle Adamov

About 4,5 kilometers from the “centre” of Adamov lays romantic ruins of the New Castle(Novy Hradek u Adamova). In order to get there, follow the green path along the Svitava river, then after about 3-and-a-half-kilometre change to red path, which leads directly to the castle.  


At the very beginning the green path goes together with Greenway from Krakow to Vienna, so beware of the cyclists. You may also take a bike yourself, but remember the last 500 meters wouldn’t be an easy ride, it applies to pushchairs as well.  If you want to take your baby in a stroller, it should definitely be the one with big wheels and adjusted to forest terrain.  

Way to Novy Hradek
Way to Novy Hradek


There is an alternative for mommies with babies. You can follow the Greenway from Adamov, only till the first food stand “Obcerstveni Olomucany”. It is a nice walk with some attractions for kids. There is an enclosure, where goats and horses are kept. Kids can come and watch closely those devil’s eyes. At the food stand there is also a small, old playground. Not sure if the rusty carousel is still safe to play, but my kid was delighted.  You can take a train from Brno and make it a whole day trip. 


It took as more than 2 hours to get to the New Castle, Adamov on foot and another hour to explore the castle. Count extra time, when you take those little feet with you. Every little stone is interesting, you need to grab some berries on your way up, stop few times for a snack plus another few for a pee.  

Getting closer to the castle
Getting closer to the castle


The castle itself is not big. The advantage is that you can move freely around it, visit every corner, climb every step at your own tempo and spend as much time as you want taking photos.  

What I miss on the other hand, was a piece of paper with a short story about the castle or any information about it. As far as I am concerned there’re no guided tours there, which is a pity considering the fact its history is long.  

Entrance is theoretically free of charge, but you can donate some change for the castle.  

Be prepared and take loads of snacks with you. The hike is long and there is nothing really to buy on the castles, except for beverages.  

Novy hrad u Adamova is open every weekend from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m starting from Easter. During summer break it’s also possible it’ll be open on weekdays, except Mondays.  

Novy Hrad u Adamova
Novy Hrad u Adamova


What’s interesting every month a historic market is organized on the castle’s premises. The last one before closing for winter will take place the last weekend in October, if the weather will allow.  


In case you get hungry after the hike, there is a Tavern and a pizzeria in Adamov. Both easy to find and, cosy to sit and fine to eat.

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