Ochoz u Brna
Czech Republic,  South Moravia

A walk through ricka valley in Ochoz u Brna

I have no idea how it happened we’ve never been to Ochoz u Brna before. Well, we’ve passed through the town few times, but never actually seen the beautiful nature around Ochoz. This area is a part of the Moravian Karst, so you can expect amazing rock formations, limestones and caves.  


Ochoz u Brna is famous in particular for the picturesque valley along the Ricka river. It starts in the forest behind the Hadek pond. It’s around 4 kilometre long and it’s marked with green educational path.  I bet the view of the valley from the top would be breathtaking. Ochoz is also popular for its captivating nature and proximity to caves, especially Pekarna one.  

A bridge over the river Ricka
A bridge over the river Ricka


My initial plan for a hike was to start at the parking space Pod Hadkem, find the green educational path and follow it up till hostenicke propadani, then change the path to a red one and return to the parking. It makes a 5-kilometre-long walk. 

The plan was changed on the go. Mainly because girls got cold, but also because the way on the educational path took more time than we initially expected. We also made a small detour to the Pekarna cave.  After all we got back the same way we came from. Alternative is a blue path that directs to Ochoz town, you will have to make few extra hundred meters.  


Its name comes from its unusual shape. Pekarna means a big oven for bread baking, and this is what it resembles. Its entrance is 6 meter high and it’s around 23 meter long. We had the chance to observe unique winter decoration of the cave. Icicles hanging on top of the cave and those growing miracles from the bottom. Just like stalagmite and stalagtite, but the ice one. Kids loved it and we got a bit warmer after the visit. 

Pekarna cave
Pekarna cave


The water pond Hadecky together with a restaurant called Obcerstveni pod Hadkem already makes a great touristic place. During summer season you can swim and sunbathe here. Kids can enjoy the playground; adults can enjoy free time. During winter it’s favourite place for ice skating, of course as long as it is safe. The restaurant works as a take away, so you can warm yourself with a bowl of hot soup or hot beverage. Cash only.

Restaurant Pod Hadkem
Restaurant Pod Hadkem


There is one small parking Pod hadkem, and another one in front of the restaurant.  

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