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Saxon Switzerland – Bastei Bridge

Bohemian Switzerland, part 4-day 3 – Bastei Bridge, Saxon Switzerland


Bastei ridge is a perfectly well-known lookout point with over 200-year history. We used several kinds of public transport, but it was worth a while.

For most of you, the trip would start in Hrensko. Because the only bridge is within 10 kilometers, you should hop on a ferry boat right here in Hrensko and transport yourself on German ground on the other side of the Elbe River. The next step is to buy a train ticket to Kurort Rathen and jump on a train. Unfortunately, the train goes only approximately once per hour, so if you miss one, you’ll be forced to wait for another one. Guess what… Bastei Bridge is on the other side of the river, so you need to hop on a ferry boat again. Those few simple steps will take you to a lovely little touristic city full of hikers, backpackers, and surprisingly…seniors. The city made a great impression on me- it’s clean and beautifully groomed, brimful with maps and other hints for tourists. It’s more than 20 kilometers from Hrensko, so quite a distance to go on foot, but if you choose to go by the car-the way is really simple, you just need to park in Rathen and ferry on the other side to get to Bastei.

Elbe river
Elbe river


Only several kilometers separate you from a fantastic view. Choose the designated path or just follow the crowd, most of the fellows you’ve seen on a ferryboat will go exactly the same way. No one seemed to complain, so maybe it was only me, but as I ascended the stairs, I realized that stairs actually make the climb harder. I cheered up once I’ve seen a snatch of Bastei Bridge and a spectacular first of many viewpoints. Back in 1824 people could also admire the picturesque landscapes from 200 meters above the ground. At the beginning of the XIX century, the bridge didn’t look the same but had the same purpose as nowadays. It was reconstructed from wooden to sandstone in 1851.

Bastei Bridge
View from Bastei Bridge


We also did a second trip from Rathen. We set off to Lilienstein Mountain remoted another few kilometers from the city, then in Königstein city we took the train and returned to Hrensko. Lilienstein Mountain, 400 meters high, is one of the salient symbols of Saxon Switzerland. It lays at the right bank of the Elbe River. At its top, you may find a 16-meter-tall Obelisk built to remind you of the existence of the Saxon dynasty and a restaurant, which may be a good place to rest and fill your supplies. If you’re not afraid you may also sit at the edge of the rock and look at the little world below you. You may go around Lilienstein Mountain and admire the views in each direction.

Lilienstein Mountain
Lilienstein Mountain

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