Czech Republic,  Vysocina Region

Skiing near Brno: SKI Area Dalecin

White madness on Easter? Why not?

Ski areal Dalecin in Vysocina region lays 60 km north from Brno. It’s not a big, quite steep one. I’d say for more advanced skiers, but the blue trail is here as well.


We head toward Kurim and Tisnov, then Nedvedice and Bystrice nad Perstejnem. We kept to route 387 and then 357. We almost missed the ski area, mainly because the road was marked poorly. I think we also expected more people over there indicating the ski area. But the season is almost over for most of the people, so we didn’t meet many fellows.



There’re several things I felt dissatisfied with, among them: parking, food, and snow. I think the three most important aspects when choosing a place to ski.

Parking because it was really small for not so little ski centre as Dalecin is. I counted places for 20 cars at most, so in high peak season, I would recommend going there early in the morning.

Food because only powdered soup and cold drinks were served, maybe for somebody, it is a proper choice, but I’d prefer homemade goulash or potato soup to warm myself after spending all day outside.

And finally, snow, because this time conditions were unfavorable. Instead of soft snow, we encountered frozen little bricks of snow, falls were painful and cold wind blew right into our faces. I couldn’t bear it and gave up after 3 rides. I felt like I was riding on rocks being cautious with every move I’ve made.



Besides some drawbacks, the place looked nice. There’re two red and two blue tracks, two of them going through the forest.
Prices were moderate, one ride cost 12 points during weekends and 10 from Monday to Friday. 100 points equal 100 crowns. Everything can be found on area’s webpage. According to information on the website, ski lifts can take up to 800 people per hour.

I’d say enjoy winter as long as you can, don’t let the weather depress you. Plan your winter trip again this spring. There’re many places in The Czech Republic with working lifts. A useful website that may help in searching for a perfect place to ski is snowhit.

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