Biotope Oslavany
Czech Republic,  South Moravia

Biotope Oslavany

Biotope in Oslavany town offers a natural bathing, an alternative for swimming pools. The water although not crystal clear, does not contain chlorine, and is safe to swim in. The filtration and cleaning process goes through aquatic plants. Nature does the work for us.  


Oslavany is a small town with almost 5 000 inhabitants. It’s connected with Brno by bus 406, which goes from Mendel Square. By car you can get here within 20-30 minutes via Bosonohy, Popuvky and D1.  


Biotope Oslavany’s unique for its location and surroundings. You can sunbath with a view on the Renaissance chateau. You can take a walk around the chateau’s park. You can grab a dinner at chateau’s restaurant. Or you can take your kids to the nearby modern playground. In addition, kids will love the attractions prepared especially for them. Trampolines, huge sandbox close to the bistro and a paddling pool or water fountains. The last but not least, the pool is not overcrowded comparing to the ones in Brno.  

Paddling pool, biotope Oslavany
Paddling pool, biotope Oslavany


It’s opened every day from 10 am till 8 pm, except Mondays. The admission is 60 kc for an adult and 40 kc for the kid. After 4 pm, it’s 50 % off the price. There’re several parking places you can use. While entering Oslavany, you’ll find directions to them.  


I loved the pool so much, we almost stayed till the closing time. Even though many advantages, the biotope Oslavany has few inconveniences. One of them is the toilet, which is in the building of the chateau. While every person on earth doesn’t have problem with it, mothers may find it a bit irritating to run every time a kid scream: peee!!! Also, there is a certain rule not to eat within the swimming area, which includes the grass and benches around the pool too. That is because the biotope is divided into two parts, separated with fence. At the beginning I found it troublesome. Of course, I wanted to have all my stuff in sight, but didn’t want to move every time kids wanted to eat, which literally was every hour.  The solution was to stay relatively close, but within the eating zone. 

Eating zone -biotope Oslavany
Eating zone -biotope Oslavany


Besides the chateau and its park, you can also go to the amusement park Permonium. It’s a bit further, but from the swimming pool you can see the Kukla tower. There’re two parts: for the smallest – huge outside playground called Rainbow World and a rope park for daredevils. It’s a trip for the whole day.   

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