Babi Lom
Brno,  Czech Republic,  South Moravia

The best Observation Tower near Brno: Babi Lom

Babi lom wasn’t really the first trip I made within the country, but definitely one of the most memorable. I’ve been there twice and twice during winter season….I like coming back there, this trip is adventurous and recreative at the same time. After the walk in the “mountains” you will surely blow away the cobwebs, forget about daily routine and about being overloaded with job. Just try this…


Babi Lom is an observation Tower located near Lelekovice. It‘s easily accessible from Brno. Just take the bus no. 41 in Kralove Pole-railway station heading to Vranov, take the stop called Lelekovice-naves. It takes about 20-25 minutes to get there. You can also go there by car. Once you’re off the bus go straight on and then turn left on the first crossroad. No worries, there are signs directing you to the tower and a huge map near the bus station. You can choose from two options:

  • Go straight ZAHUMENI street as long as you reach little pond or
  • Go straight ZAHUMENI street and turn slightly to KORETINA street

In both cases you will need to keep the red trail. I personally prefer the first choice, but it seems Google chose the second one.

By now you should be on the concrete road leading you among dense forest, that’s the only thing you will be seeing for about 2 km. For some it takes 30 minutes, for others a bit longer. No rush, you’re here to admire the beauty of the nature. At the end of that road you can see wooden house, that’s the place where you can take a deep breath before the more exciting part.

Babi Lom -tourist paths
Babi Lom -tourist paths


As the signs show you should turn left, where the real fun starts. I can’t call it walking anymore as it’s climbing for me. Extreme and risky climbing especially when you choose December. My trip was a bit reckless because it was really slippy over there. It’s better to wear adjusted, comfortable trekking shoes, don’t even try to go there in sneakers. Your feet along with your soul will be suffering.

Babi Lom
Babi Lom


The view is breathtaking, stop for a moment just to admire outwards things. Take a quick glimpse on the amazing rock formation. To be honest I was speechless when I first saw what surrounded me. There’re only few more steps and you’ll reach your destination- Babi Lom is right in front of you unless you got lost. I recommend stepping to the highest floor, landscapes viewed from the tower are uncommon and outstanding. Even though it’s windy out there, spare few minutes to take a photo.


You’ve made it!! Congratulations. Didn’t I tell you that it is extraordinary? Now, turning back for the first 2 hundred meters is even more slippery. Prepare yourself to get dirty a bit, you’ll have to secure oneself . After that hazardous activity you’re finally on safe. Remember where the bus is? Or maybe you’d like to found yourself another turn?

Babi Lom
Babi Lom

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