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Skiing near Brno: Olesnice

Olesnice Ski resort is a really nice option for those who live in Brno, Blansko, Zdar nad Sazavou and other surrounding cities. I think it’s the closest hill, where snowboarders and skiers can show what they got. Because it’s so close, it has one disadvantage-there are plenty of people. I think however that it’s manageable.  We spent there 5 hours today spending only 100kc per person for lift plus fuel. It’s only 50 km north from Brno, you should drive through Ceska, Cerna Hora and Kunstat.


I need to brag myself because finally, I’ve made it, my first time on hilltop. I was able to keep balance on patter lift and get to the very end. I was a bit terrified hearing stories about ski lifts and difficulties people encountered. YouTube also didn’t help, watching people’s collapse make me think it’s too hard. After all it wasn’t so dramatic. If I made it, you won’t have any problem with that.


There’re two ski lifts in Olesnice. One-platter lift for beginners, the second one T-lift for more advanced skiers and snowboarders. This time I was using platter lift, but next time I’ll definitely check the other one. It takes about 6 people per minute, but lift needs to slow down from time to time, because many little children are using it. There is also additional entrance for those who purchased ski lessons and it’s necessary to let them through. The way up takes about 10 minutes and the queue sometimes may take up to 15 minutes, especially when people jump the line. You can save time, it’s about 10 minutes faster when you go on foot to the highest point. We tested it…


We were a bit worried about weather condition, since all Wednesday snow already melted in Brno and temperature stayed around 0 Celsius degree, but we were startled nicely. Sun was shining, temperature exceeded -2 Celsius degree and after two hours it started snowing. According to ski resort’s page the snow cover was around 50-70 cm, but I need to admit that falls were painful sometimes, there’ve been places where a layer of snow was so thin that ice cover was visible with the naked eye.


Sometimes I think I should have started at the age of 6 or 7 and be now the lord of the board, well never happened. But I still believe I have a chance to be good at snowboarding, at least I want to give it a try. 
I really admire all those fearless kids on the hill, so little and so fast at the same time. They do things I know nothing about making parents proud.

It was really a successful day. See you in Olesnice.

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