Chriby Lookout Tower Salas
Czech Republic,  Zlín Region

Chriby – Lookout tower Salas

Chriby is a smaller mountain range that lays in both Zlin and South Moravian regions. Chriby with its vast beech forest hides many ruins of the castles, rock formations, natural springs as well as historic monuments.  Not to mention the lookout towers or castles. It also covers about 35 square meters. Therefore, it’s highly impossible to view everything at once.  


Any, or I should say every season is perfect to visit Chriby mountains.  Starting with winter and snow madness on the ski slopes –Stupava. In the spring you can march through the trails and gaze as everything reborn.  Summer is reserved to visit the castles and lookout towers, while autumn is a perfect moment to take photos and cherish the amazing nature with its wonderful colors.  

Chriby, view from Lookout tower Salas
Chriby, view from Lookout tower Salas


It was the third time we’ve been to Chriby and every time we explored different bits of it. This time we’ve decided it’s time to see modern, fresh and undoubtedly breathtaking lookout tower Salas. It was the private investor from Prerov, who addressed 3 architectural offices in Moravia to create a design of the new observation tower. There’re 4 to choose from, all can be viewed here, but the one that stands in Salas village won the competition. It resembles two interlocking sevens. Lucky sevens have two viewing platforms, one at the height of 15 meters, while the other at the height of 20 meters. They give a terrific view on the surrounding region. The whole area is marked properly. The green path is the one to follow to get to the Salas observation tower. Although we hiked 5 or 6 kilometers in total, it took us the whole day.  

Chriby Salas Observation Tower
Chriby Oservation Tower Salas


Obviously, please take it with a grain of salt. Clearly, we took our kid and she was delighted. But we planned the whole trip differently, we’re supposed to hike 15 or so kilometers to the highest point in Chriby mountain range –Brdo –see another superb observation tower and head back. Our daughter was just not in the mood for exploring that day. After constant complaining we gave up. But hey, nothing’s lost. At least we got another shot to come back.  

On the way to Lookout Tower Salas
On the way to Lookout Tower Salas


For this reason, there’re still some places we haven’t seen in Chriby mountain range. If you’re luckier than we were just take a comfortable pair of shoes with you and follow our pre-planned tour. First, follow the green path until you reach village Bunch. Then change it to red one to get to Brdo stone lookout tower. After that blue will lead you back to Salas village.  It all covers distance of about 15 kilometers. There’s also another spot, we would love to see in the nearest future. It’s a Buchlov castle- huge, majestic and closed for now…. We still need to wait to see that gem.  


There’re two parking places in Salas village. One close to administrative office and grocery shop, let’s say in the “centre”. Another one is about 1 kilometer away, along the yellow path on the east side of the village.   We parked there and had a peaceful walk through the alleys before we stepped to the hill above the village.  


Don’t worry, Salas village is not the kind of place, where you can starve to death. We ate our late lunch at the “Hostinec na Salase”, which offers accommodation as well as warm food. Along the main road, which is also a bike path no. 5019 and a yellow path in direction to Lower Salas (dolni Salas) there’s also a restaurant called Salas Mlyn.  

I hope you enjoy your time in Chriby the same way we did. Maybe you found another place we had no idea existed there? Share it with us.  

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