Rudice sand quarry
Czech Republic,  South Moravia

One-day trip to Rudice

Rudice is a small village with iron and mining tradition and it’s located in the Moravian Karst. It’s a perfect spot for a one-day trip.  There’re less than a thousand inhabitants, whereas plenty of travellers, climbers and people from surrounding places. We’ve been there too. Rudice is quite a popular destination. First of all, it’s close to Brno. Second of all, it’s really worth seeing. Green path connects the three main attractions, which are sand quarry, windmill and rudicke propadani.  


Can you imagine a huge sandbox for kids, where they can have fun all day long? Along with some water kids might be gone for good. Of course, immersed in really good play. Our kids were delighted, especially that there’s no soft and fine sand around playgrounds in the Czech Republic.  

But before we let the fun begin, we walked around the whole sand pit just to cherish the view. We’ve seen not only gorgeous uneven hills, but also amazing colour palette. The sand changed colour from yellow, through orange, purple, pink and finally white. I believe I still have microscopic amount of each in my pockets.  

The fun fact is that the quarry is still in operation, therefore the entrance is prohibited. I guess those bunch of people wouldn’t risk it for no reason. The uniqueness and attractiveness of this site speaks and thus invites for itself.


Rudice sand quarry
Rudice sand quarry


Next on our one-day trip to Rudice was the windmill from 1865. It houses a museum of village history, mining and metallurgy, along with a permanent exhibition of speleology and mineralogy. Right next to the windmill, there’s a compact geological park with different stones. Unfortunately, due to current situation the museum was closed. We didn’t mind it however, moving forward to our last point on the itinerary.  

Rudice windmill
Rudice windmill


As I mentioned already the green path leads directly to Rudicke Propadani. This is the place, where Jedovnicky brook magically disappears. The noise of a tiny waterfall attracts attention of the biggest daredevils. Consequently, they’re willing to climb huge and slippery rocks just to see the brook falls. It then goes underneath the ground for 12 kilometres and appears back at Byci Skala.  

Way to rudicke propadani
Way to rudicke propadani


I couldn’t forget to mention the beautiful scenery of Kolibek rocks on the way to rudicke propadani. Those limy rocks are without a doubt a famous place for climbers. I’ve never climbed in my whole life, but I can see why they love it so much. The ultimate adrenaline rush, simply stunning views and training give strength and the feel of invincibility.  


Tasty, cheap and simple Czech food is served at the restaurant Tumperek. The food we ordered was so delicious we didn’t have time to take a photo of it. Or maybe we were so hungry… To be honest this is the only restaurant on the way, so I suggest you to make a stop there.  


There’s a big parking place at the sand quarry. It’s on the way to Rudice, thus you just cannot miss it. There’s a big sign. Another parking place is next to the restaurant Tumperk. It’s also only 200 meters from the windmill. The whole Rudice is filled with family houses, so I wouldn’t park in other than designated places. Maybe locals don’t mind it, but I wouldn’t risk my car getting towed.  


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