Zug by the lake

Lazy Sunday afternoon in Zug, Switzerland

Zug is a small picturesque city remote only 25 minutes by car from Zurich. It’s also connected with a direct train from Zurich. It’s a favorite destination for a lazy Sunday – don’t rush and enjoy. Visit the Old Town, rent a paddling boat, go for a picnic or even hike – it’s all possible in Zug. So, are you ready for a trip?


It’s really tiny but full of beautiful buildings. Among others, the late gothic Town hall, built in 1505, or the landmark of the city: the Clock tower (Zytturm). The 52-meter-high tower, which had a different purpose in the past. The lower part served as a passage, which was closed during the night. It was also a prison at some point in the past and a watchtower. Today, the astronomical clock focuses its attention. I suggest getting lost in the labyrinth of narrow streets and cherishing the moment. Finish with a tasty pizza at the Landsgemeindeplatz, and check out the different species of birds.


From early morning till noon, every Saturday go for a local product shopping spree at the already mentioned Landsgemeindeplatz. Buy fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, Swiss cheese, or sweets. Grab what you like and head to the nearby Rigiplatz to consume it. Entrance only allowed with kids – just kidding, but if you don’t have one, you’ll be annoyed, because there’s also a huge playground area.


One can never get enough of the lake view. Stay late to see the ruby-red sky and stroll along the lakeside promenade. During the day you can rent a paddling boat and experience the town from a different perspective.


If you feel like hiking, set off to a nearby ZugBerg, which is 1093 meters above sea level – first-rate views guaranteed. But even if you don’t want to hike, but dye to see that view, use the funicular railway. It may be an adventure on its own. Reach the valley station of the Zugerberg funicular railway by bus no. 11 from Bahnhofplatz or Postplatz in the Old Town.


If you’re thinking of staying overnight, book your stay in advance. There’s not that much of a choice when it comes to accommodation, as the city is small. The low-cost rooms are far from the city and cost around 100 euro per night: ibis Baar Zug, while a room in the city center cost around 300 euro: Hotel Löwen am See or City-Hotel Ochsen. Check out the full list of objects here.

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