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9 spots in Prague your kid will love

Not a single trip with kids is the same as without them. Kids have peculiar demands and cravings. They also have a completely different point of view. Prague is a beautiful historic city, with alluring architecture, countless attractions, and wild nightlife. But what most kids care about is having fun at the playground!! Taking your little one to Prague gives you a perfect chance to experience the city from a completely different perspective, not necessarily a bad one. You may want to avoid the crowd, so you’ll find the offbeat tracks. Instead of going to top tourist attractions, you’ll find a remote and peaceful place with a fantastic view. It’s all about adjusting to each other needs.

I’ve listed some places in Prague for inspiration, but sometimes it’s better just to let it be and flow with the wave.


Hamleys is a worldwide known toy shop. If you’ve been in one of those you know it’s a paradise for kids. We entered the world of fun just for a while, leaving two hours later. Everything that’s happening in the shop, all the attractions and tons of toys make your kids want to stay a bit longer and grab as many new things as possible. There’s a carousel, the mirror maze, the game city, racing cars, VR playground, a butterfly house, a laser game, and a few more VR games. All possible to partake with a Hamley’s Card, which you have to top up with credit first. You didn’t think it would be for free, right? A single visit to Hamleys can make you bankrupt.  



Kampa Island – by some claimed the most picturesque place in Prague. This island is a fantastic place for a summer picnic or for a break from sightseeing. Kids will definitely try to climb the crawling baby monument or spend their time playing in the playground.  


You wouldn’t believe how many playgrounds are scattered all over the heart of Prague. Children’s island lays on the Vltava River between Legii and Jiraskuv bridges. It’s another little paradise for kids between the bustling streets of Prague. Even if you plan the traditional way of sightseeing with your kids, you can still agree on playground breaks.  


Along the Vltava River in direction to Vysehrad, you may spot a modern and dynamic building called Dancing House. It represents famous dancers Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair, where the leaning glass building is a female and the stone tower is a male. It’s built in the years 1992-1996 in cooperation with architects Vlado Milunić and Frank O. Gehry. Even though I will never enter a fancy restaurant with my kids, we can still stare at this masterpiece.  

Dancing House
Dancing House


Petrin hill on the Lesser Town in Prague is a place for everyone. Kids, as well as adults, will without any doubt enjoy the ride in the funicular. The ride to the very top lasts around 10 minutes and is quite a memorable experience for a young traveller. The ticket is included in a standard public transportation system. On top of the hill, you’ll feel like you were not transported half a kilometre, but to a completely different city. Astonishing views and an idyllic atmosphere are what parents adore in Petrin. Kids on the other hand will love the mirror maze and the planetarium. There’s, of course, a playground and lots of paths to go along.  

Mirror Maze
Mirror Maze


The largest sea aquarium in the Czech Republic is a bit off the track, it’s in Prague Holesovice. The Aquarium founded back in 2002 grew bigger and bigger over time. They do have a 100,000 litres big tank with sharks these days. I personally think the entrance fee (320 kc for an adult) is way too high, but I believe kids love the colourful tanks filled with fish. Try to find cheaper tickets on slevomat, they often appear there. Close by, there’s a modern, cool, and hipster place called Vnitroblock to grab a quick coffee. There’s a mini cinema or dance studio as well. It’s on Tusarova 791/31 street.  

Underwater world Prague
Underwater world Prague

Places that we’ve never been to, but are on our list 


The ZOO is huge, and so we’ve never had enough time to go there while being in Prague. Thousands of animals from all 5 continents are kept there. This ZOO stands out also because of the cable car, that takes you on a journey beyond and above. I can’t wait to finally be there.  


This museum is all about illusion and art tricks. Both historical and contemporary art is being presented in a very unique way. The exhibition is interactive, so you may touch it and take funny photos. The museum is situated in front of the Astronomical Clock – Orloj.  


The museum is dedicated to everyone interested in the history of technology and science. It’s filled up with airplanes, cars, and trains, therefore young enthusiasts of vehicles of all kinds will enjoy the visit.  


Although I’m pretty sure there’re spots as a tourist I have no chance of knowing, playgrounds hidden between blocks or cozy cafes with kids’ corners, I hope I persuaded you enough to take your kids with you.

Enjoy your stay and let me know how it went.  


Of course, consider staying a night, it means even more places to see and more fun to do. We stayed in Novotel, but the possibilities are endless.

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