Brno_Obora Holedna
Brno,  Czech Republic,  South Moravia

Nature reserve: Obora Holedna, Brno

Holedna is a 391 m high hill surrounded by a forest, that connects few districts of Brno: Bystrc, Jundrov, Kohoutovice and Zebetin. Holedna is one of the places I like coming back to. My kids love to.  

Obora Holedna
Obora Holedna


They can never get bored with the educational path and all the information that it presents, looking at boars wandering around the lake or waiting for deer, fallow, doe or fawn. They can never get bored with playing house in one of many huts and they can never get bored with the playground at the Obora Holedna. Although don’t be mistaken, this place is not for kids only. Adults will definitely spend great time hiking, Nordic walking, cycling or jogging around Holedna. All outdoor activities are allowed. Those, who live close by are lucky to have such a gem around the corner. For others I’ve got good news as well. You can use public transport or take a car.  

Obora Holedna
Obora Holedna


The whole 327 ha terrain is surrounded by fence, that’s why there are only several points to access it.  

The entrance to the place with boars and playground can be found close to Stara Dalnice bus stop. Buses 50 and 52 stops here. There is also free parking for around 20 cars. 

Obora Holedna
Obora Holedna

But there are other possibilities as well:  


You can start your hike at Uddoli Oddechu (Bystrc), close to the tram and bus stop Kamenolom, then cross the street, cross the bridge, turn left and follow yellow path to Obora Holedna. 


You can also begin in Jundrov, entrance from Nalepkova street (bus stop nalepkova) and wander around to Kohoutovice or Bystrc.


Another option is Kohoutovice, start at bus stop Hajenka and hike the green or yellow path. 

It’s accessible all year round. Dress your outdoor clothes, don’t be afraid of mud and enjoy.  

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