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Czech Republic,  South Moravia

Pasohlavky – Nove Mlyny Water Reservoir

Nove Mlyny water reservoir in Pasohlavky offers wide array of services. Sunbathing as a starter, refreshing beverages and tasty food as a main course and water sports for dessert. Everything you need is basically at one place.  


Campsite Merkur Pasohlavky is the biggest one in south Moravia and the best rated in Czechia. It is located at the bank of the biggest water reservoir in Moravia –Nove Mlyny.  This 5-star campsite offers accommodation in apartments, wooden houses, bungalows, tents, caravan or tepee.  It doesn’t have to be lazy holidays in Pasohlavky Nove Mlyny, if you wish to spend active time while off work, ATC Merkury is a perfect spot. Volleyball, tennis, golf, outdoor gym, wakeboarding or kiteboarding are not the only one to try or master here.  

ATC Merkur - plan
ATC Merkur – plan


If you didn’t have time to pack your snacks, or didn’t want to carry heavy basket filled with food, don’t worry. There’re plenty of food stands on the campsite area. Not only fast food stands, but also regular restaurants serve delicious food there. Quite a big choice- whether you crave for pizza, goulash, baked ribs or home-made hamburgers. Useful for those who are accommodated in ATC Merkury may also be the baker’s shop.  

Pasohohlavky Nove Mlyny restaurant
Pasohohlavky Nove Mlyny restaurant


Route 52 from Brno in the direction to Wien will lead you there. A city bus from Brno also goes to Pasohlavky Nove Mlyny quite often during the summer time. The closest train station, however, is 8 km from the campsite. If you are on your bike however, that doesn’t seem to be a problem.  


If staying at a campsite is not your thing entirely, Pasohlavky is a great starting point for a close-by trips. First of all, it’s surrounded by vast vineyards, you can taste a good quality Moravian wine in one of the charming wineries. Lednice-Valtice Complex is also closeby to see the marvelous architecture. Mikulov with a great city view and Pavlov with famous Devicky ruins are at your fingertips. Don’t waste it. It’s a fantastic spot.


South Moravia Region is pretty amazing and I truly recommend staying longer and feel the full experience. Try to find your perfect spot here.

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