Czech Republic,  South Moravia

The most visited city in South Moravia – Mikulov

A small city in the south of the Czech Republic, probably most known for wineries and hectares of grapevine crops. It’s also one of the most popular destinations in South Moravia, besides Brno. And it’s not only because of the wine. Mikulov is simply magical. The most recognizable landmarks of the town are Chateau Mikulov and Holly hill. You’ll recognize both straightforward. Let’s start the trip.


Main square’s showcases are ornamented houses, Holy Trinity Sculpture from 1723-1724, and the Dietrichstein tomb. The whole main square is kept in a renaissance style. It’s small but memorable and only minutes from the chateau. On the way to the chateau stands recommended cafe dolce vita, which is decorated with Rostislav Pospíšil’s pictures. To fulfill your stomach with quality food, try Sojka & spol. Restaurant & Koloniál.



You can enter the chateau through big, steel gates from the main square. The chateau belonged to Liechtenstein and later the Dietrichstein family. During 1945 it was completely destroyed, but fortunately in 1950 rebuilt to its previous form. The chateau is visible from every corner of the city, as it lays on a cliff rock. In the evening the chateau is beautifully lit. Today chateau seats Regional Museum of Mikulov.

Mikulov chateau


The hill unfolds the charm of the city. It’s definitely worth it to climb the 363-meter-high hill. When done in the scorching sun, it may be a bit strenuous, but the view will compensate for the sweat behind it. Did you know that the stations of the Cross at Holly Hill are the oldest ones in the Czech Republic? The tradition of symbolic representation of Jesus Christ’s suffering arose in 15th century in this country. František from Dietrichstein, built a chapel because he wanted to thank God for saving Mikulov from the epidemic. The first building appeared in 1630 and until 1776 new was built.

202106 Mikulov 8
View on the holly hill from the chateau


Yet another point that will attract your attention when visiting Mikulov is the Kozi hill, where you’ll find what was left after the XV century artillery tower. Nowadays the hill serves as an observation point and you may climb it freely.

202106 Mikulov 2
Kozi Hradek in the back


One of the best times to visit Mikulov is September when the young wine is prepared. It’s connected with festivals, live music, drinking and tasting litres of wine and a huge hangover the next day. No sorrow will come to Mikulov those days, only joy and happiness. People from nearby villages as well as city dwellers arrive to become a part of it. Shopkeepers invite for free degustation; they’ll ask you to come inside and taste homemade wine. Every and each of them has unique, inimitable recipes. Every family has its own history, they plant and cultivate grapes on their own, and choose only the best quality grapes for wine production. I think also guided tours are available for interested.

A bit of relaxation at the lakeside

Besides the wine festival, Mikulov has much more to offer, during holidays you can rent a camper and go to a nearby lake Nove Mlyny, it’s only 10 km away from the city. It’s a really amazing place to stay, relax or spend your time actively. It’s possible to rent all kinds of water equipment there. I saw people surfing, diving, and trying more risky stuff like motorboats or kites. So, pitch a tent for a few days or stay at the cabin and please yourself. Don’t bother bringing your own food since there are plenty of restaurants and fast-food kiosks with delicious cheap food. Remember to book waaay in advance.

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