Czech Republic,  Zlín Region

Kovozoo in stare mesto

The one and only steel zoo in Europe is located in a small town in Zlin Region in the Czech Republic. It’s Stare Mesto, where everything started. The first company to process steel waste pioneered in 1998 – Kovosteel. The owners however, wanted to create something for people, for fun and to educate as well. They also seized the opportunity and bought the old sugar factory ground, where the Kovozoo is situated today.  


The main mission of steel zoo is to show that steel waste can be reusable. Primarily Kovozoo wants to educate. Of course, there is no doubt in the fast they also entertain, especially the young generation.  

Kovozoo (steel zoo)
Kovozoo (steel zoo)


Kids together with adults can enjoy metal animal masterpieces. Sculptures so original, they almost look real. Each and every animal is unique and made with different pieces. Pieces that for us seem to be a waste get a second chance.  Kovozoo reuses them in a genial way. While kids enjoy different types of animals, adults will definitely take a moment to look at the constructions from a technical point of view. I was amazed how many different elements were used and how they fit with one another. It’s also super cool what kind of various items were used to build animals, like bike parts, wrench keys, washer or screws.  

Kovozoo (steel zoo)
Kovozoo (steel zoo)


Animals are not the only attractions there. In addition, you can find a veteran museum, a museum filled with historic cars. You can take a look inside the old plane, check out the fireman’s cars, pretend to be a driver in an old bus or get lost in a tyre maze.  

There’s also a long bridge above it all, to take a look at the zoo from a different perspective as well as the Kovosteel company on a daily basis work routine.  

It’s developing, new veteran museum is being prepared as well as huge blacksmith’s workshop. In June 2021 part of it will be opened already.  

Kovozoo (steel zoo)
Kovozoo (steel zoo)


Full entrance fee is 130 kc and 80 kc for kids. Depending on the season, the opening time may vary. There’s a small bistro with full variety of food options. The average time you’ll spend there is around 4 hours. 


If you’re in the surroundings for a bit longer, there’re endless possibilities to spend your free time. First of all, Chriby mountain range with castles like  Buchlov or Cimburk, lookout towers like Salas, ski slopes like Stupava.  

In Buchlovice you may visit a chateau Buchlovice with a beautiful and excessive garden park.  

Kids may also enjoy the areal of Water of Life in Modra. The main attraction is a tank filled with fishes and a tunnel, where you can observe swimming fishes.  

And last but not least, and a bit further is famous ZOO Lesna in Zlin. An extraordinary zoo with a chateau Lesna.  

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