Lysice chateau
Czech Republic,  South Moravia

Unique wooden colonnade in Chateau Lysice

Chateau Lysice is one of the four most popular places for weddings in the Czech Republic. No wonder, both interiors, and exteriors are the epitome of romance. Year by Year Lysice chateau hosts a big wedding show and expo, showing its possibilities to the future brides and grooms. But you don’t have to get married to visit the chateau. Lysice, originally a water fortress, later rebuilt into a Renaissance and next to a Baroque chateau invites everyone for a quick tour. Not to mention the unique terraced chateau garden with orangery and column colonnade, which is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t hesitate and plan your trip today.


I wanted to visit the famous garden with the promenade colonnade only, but the lady in the ticket office convinced me I must see the unique interiors as well. She recommended the number 1 route describing it as the best of the best from the castle.

Lysice Chateau
Lysice Chateau


And here I was, 15 minutes later standing in the main hall embellished with antique Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian pillars. Two on every ground. Then the tour moved to the Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach’s library staffed with books. From here next steps were dining rooms, ceremonial rooms, which currently may be rent for a wedding ceremony, a small chapel, ladies’ bedroom with hidden doors leading to Count’s bedroom, kids’ bedroom with a stunning view, and a hidden entrance to the promenade, and oriental room with souvenirs from Ervin Dubsky’s journeys. Nowadays only 10% left from what was imported from China, Japan or Turkey. The Japanese candlelight lamp brought my attention. Once all the candles are lit, they create the astonishing effect of the moving postures on the walls. We could only imagine that. I’ve heard more of Ervin Dubsky and his adventures when visiting the armory with the quite impressive collection of firearms, small arms, 8-10 kg heavy swords or armor, and Dubsky’s library with around 5 thousand books, among which I could admire his world’s atlas.


The interesting fact I didn’t know about and is worth mentioning is that Matylda Dubska, mother of 12 children who lived in the castle in the XIX century, was the founder of the first kids’ hospital Brno-Cerno Pole. The hospital is still functioning today.


After the 50-minute tour, I went to the café u Kocarku to gather my thoughts and prepare myself to see the one and only promenade colonnade in the garden, which used to serve as an herb garden. Over the ages, the garden has undergone a metamorphosis into Renaissance, Baroque, and Empire style. The most important and the most impressive construction in the garden is the wooden and concrete promenade colonnade. The moment I step on it I felt like a duchess on a noon walk. Every corner reveals a new and remarkable view of the castle, wooden craft reminds of the sacrifice and hardship. This place lures by its beauty and originality deprives of clear thinking, and forces to daydream.  Definitely a memorable experience.

Castle Garden
Chateau Garden


Distance: Lysice lays around 40 kilometers north of Brno

Tour Guides: There’re few tour guides you can partake. I was recommended to go for the first route: Representative Halls, the Basic tour, which cost 140 kc (reservation recommended). Next Private and Guest Sites for 120 kc, Chateau Garden for 40 kc, Chateau garden, Horticulture and Orangery for 120 kc (reservation needed), and a few more

Opening Hours: During the summer season, the chateau is opened 7 days a week, from 9 am till 5 pm. The opening days and hours vary depending on the month of the year, so it’s better to check on the website before your visit.


On your way back, don’t miss the Cerna Hora brewery, where you can not only stock up beers, participate in the excursion, but also enjoy your time at the local restaurant Sladovna.

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