Velka Klajdovka
Brno,  Czech Republic

Hiking in Brno – my top 5

What’s better after a long working week than a hiking trip? Besides amazing city tours, immemorable pub tours or castle visit, Brno has wide possibilities to spend quality time out in nature. Within just 30 minutes or less you can move to different parts of Brno to start your hiking adventure. Your mind and body will thank you later.  


Let’s start with one of my favourites, but the shortest hike for that matter. It is a path called: Hadecke lomy a okoli. The educational path along with several informative boards is around 2 kilometres long. It starts right behind the gate of the quarry, leads to a viewing point, over the Lama Centrum Hady, straight to a stunning Ruzenin quarry. The hike comes with the beautiful view over the Brno, which lies at your feet. The whole place is surrounded by the magical atmosphere, especially at this time of the year. Check out my previous post about Velka Klajdovka with more detailed description. 

Velka Klajdovka
Velka Klajdovka


Let’s now move to a different part of Brno, meaning Reckovice. This might be your starting point to Velka baba hill. From the final tram station (tram no.1), follow the green path on Terezy Novakove street, then pass the military ground and enter the nature park Baba. Another option is to go a bit further by bus 41 or 71 to Ivanovice. From the bus stop Kouty follow the blue path. On your way back you can either follow blue path to Brno Kninicky nad finally at the Brno’s ZOO. Making all together more than 8 kilometers. Or choose a faster yellow track, which leads through Mala baba, Medlanky airport to Turisticka street and Medlanecky chateau, making all together around 6 and a half kilometers. Quite a picturesque and demanding track.  

Brno reservoir
Brno reservoir


Another place, you can choose among endless possibilities in and around Brno is Chvalovka hill with a small viewing point also called Chvalovka. Both lay within the Podkomorske forest, which spreads out between Ostrovacice, Zebetin, Bystrc up till Rozdrojovice, Jinacovice and Veverska Bityska. You can begin near the Kamechy sidliste, where few Nordic walking paths start as well. Park your car at Vejrostova street, just next to the entrance to the forest. By bus 52, use bus stop: Ricanska. Follow the nordic walking path in direction to Chvalovka, then Rakovec, finally reaching Brno Reservoir.  It’s not a long path, but quite a charming one. If those 3 kilometres is not enough for you, instead of turning right to Brno Reservoir you can turn left and go deep in the Podkomorske forest, for example reaching Veveri Castle with a blue track.  

Chvalovka Observation Tower
Chvalovka Observation Tower


When it comes to Veveri castle, it is one of the most popular hiking tracks. Take tram no.1 or 3 and get off at the Pristaviste stop. You can also take your car and park and the big parking place near port. On the right side of the Brno reservoir follow the 8 kilometres long red path. You’ll get through the dam itself, pass by famous sokolak, find new path Nad Zouvalkou and finally reaching Veveri castle. The trail goes mainly through the woods, mostly footpaths.  Beware of the cyclist, there might be a lot of them during the peak season. From April till October you can return using the boats, any other time use bus 303 from bus stop hrad Veveri to ZOO.  


This is a trail for daredevils. It’s around 15 kilometres long and it starts in Slapanice and ends in Bosonohy. Or the other way around? From Slapanice through favourite Marianske Udoli, scenic Bilovice nad Svitavou, Utechov, going back through Lelekovice, Ceska, Rozdrojovice, again reaching to the shores of Brno Reservoir, then breathtaking Udoli Oddechu, through Obora Holedna, slowly reaching the final point in Bosonohy.  If you don’t feel like going through the whole thing at once, you can choose just a part of it and combine it with other paths that suits you best. Going through the Brnenska Podkova is on my to do list.  


I suggested just a few out of countless hiking paths in and around Brno. I always use, change the map to outdoor and gaze hours at different possibilities out there.  This is also how I find various trips, first with just the fingers across the map.  


To truly feel the Brno experience you need to stay a night. The spots mentioned above are in different parts of Brno and that would be a hassle to visit all at once.


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