Brno Klajdovka
Brno,  Czech Republic,  South Moravia

The #1 sunset view in Brno: Velka Klajdovka

That’s the kind of place a girl would love to be invited for a romantic picnic at sunset or a perfect spot for an unexpected proposal.
Velka Klajdovka is actually a nature reserve with quite a big forest where I got lost.


However, a more interesting place is an old quarry called Hady, the entrance is allowed at your own risk. Unless you are planning to jump off the scarp, there is nothing dangerous in that place. It’s rather surrounded by some magical atmosphere, people come here because it’s so close to the city center and so quiet and peaceful at the same time. You can run away from the city’s turmoil and forget about your problems. This place is inspiring, I felt my creative side sitting on the edge of the scarp. Brno lies at your feet, it’s so tiny while you’re powerful and imperious.

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Brno Klajdovka


It seems not only I was influenced by Klajdovka, others left trails of their existence as well. Inspiring texts, piled from rocks are not the only thing you can marvel at. Enormous hearts made of painted red rocks and love confessions are among them.
I’m pretty sure a lot of people decide to take their wedding photos shot right here. When the sun sets Brno is covered with a beautiful hue allowing the photographer to show their ability. Personally, I’d like to experience the moment that Brno raises from a deep sleep and feel morning dew on my face.

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Brno Klajdovka


Klajdovka is located between Brno Cerna Pole and Lisen. There are several buses you can take to get there: 78, 82 and 201 and the bus stop you’re interested in is Velka Klajdovka.

START: Brno Main Train Station (Hlavni nadrazi). Take tram number 2 (direction: Stara osada) and get off at the final stop. Here you need to change to bus number 201. It will take about half an hour to reach your destination.

START: Brno Main Train Station (Hlavni nadrazi). Take tram number 8 (direction: Lisen, Mifkova) and change to bus number 78 at Jirova bus stop.

START: Brno Main Train Station (Hlavni nadrazi). Take tram number 9 (direction: Julianov) and change it to bus number 78 at Delnicky dum stop.

I recommend you check the schedule before leaving to avoid long waiting times between stops. IDOS is a good place to check it online. As I mentioned get off at the Velka Klajdovka stop. From here you need to go back a bit to a road crossing with the main street (Jedovnicka) and go up the road. As soon as you reach hotel Velka Klajdovka turn left and continue straight.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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Brno Klajdovka

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