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Brno with kids – 40 things and activities in Brno your kid will love

Planning a trip to Brno? But hesitating whether your kids will like it or not? Let me say it out loud. They will love it! It’s a 100% yes destination for kids. Brno offers not only playgrounds in the city center, but also kid-friendly cafes or restaurants and plenty of fun things to do. You’ll need more than a weekend to visit all those places, so book your stay and enjoy! 

I’ve divided the places into several categories for easier orientation.  


Visit the best playground in the center: Obilni Trh – It’s either two tram stops from Ceska street or an easy 15 minutes walk from the center. Located in front of hospital Obilni Trh, the playground has all kids want. Huge sandpit, swings, carousel, and many more. The good news for parents, there’re several places to sip a drink while supervising their offspring. It’s U Capa (Obilni Trh 68) that is really close by. You can buy your takeaway coffee in Tutti Fruti (Jiraskova 209) or Cafe Falk (Gorkeho 12). For dinner, I do recommend Zahrada restaurant. (udolni 37) 

Go to Otevrena zahrada –  It’s a little paradise for nature lovers in the city center. It’s really close to the Obilni Trh, just 5 minutes away on foot. It’s very often that different special events, not only for kids, but also for adults take place here. There’re some domestic animals, in summer kids can play with water and there’s plenty of information to learn here.  Address: Údolní 33

Check out Hlidka – It’s a recreation center in Spielberk Castle’s Park. It’s a separate building, but there’s a sign directing to it, so you will not get lost. There’s an inside as well as an outdoor playground. The entrance fee is 50 kc per kid, and inside you can use the microwave or buy a drink from the coffee machine. However, it’s not a cafe, so don’t expect to buy any kind of food here.  Address: Hlídka 209/4

Find butterflies in Papilonia – It’s located in the rozkvet shopping center, on the 2nd floor. It’s a city jungle because of the humid, hot climate inside. Make sure to wear layers and take it off when entering. And what can you find inside? Freely flying butterflies! The space is not big, so there’s a good chance you’ll see a lot of them. TIP! Wear colorful clothes, butterflies can sit on you mistaking you for a flower😊 Address: Panská 393/6

Go under the Zelny Trh – I’d recommend visiting the undergrounds with older kids. And it’s not because it’s super scary or creepy, but because it tells the history of Brno and what was happening underground. I think older kids may learn a bit and this place may interest them.  Address: Zelný trh 21

Stock up on fresh fruits, flowers, and vegetables at the Zelny Trh – and although it’s not exactly a definition of a fun place for kids, make it one. Talk about different fruits, and vegetables – the ones you can harvest on your own. Those sold in Zelny Trh are mainly from the local farmers. As a reward buy super sweet strawberries or go for ice cream.  

Explore hidden exhibition: Fauna of Moravia– exposition of Moravské Zemské Museum– about 2 minute’s walk from the Vegetable Market. You’ll find here plenty of stuffed animals and learn a bit about them. Animals are put into their natural habitat. The expositions are pretty real. I need to admit, I enjoyed it a lot.  Address: Zelný trh 6

Say hello to the Brno dragon – You can find him in the gate of the Town Hall, right next to the entrance to Tourist Information Centre. Kids love hearing legends about the dragon, but the most popular is the one telling that the dragon lived by the Svratka river and was a terror to everyone. Locals were not able to get rid of him. It was a traveler, who came to Brno that put an end to the terror. No one believed he will succeed, but with his clever idea of filling in the skin with calcium oxide he finished the dragon. You can read this story and many other from Brno. Visit the TIC and look for some local souvenirs – among them books of legends and short stories. Address: Radnická 365/2

See the virtual exposition of ZOO Brno – The googles transfer you to the steps of Africa, to the hearts of an Amazonian jungle, or on top of the highest mountains. The film lasts around 10 minutes, but it’s worth spending 130 kc. I do not recommend it for kids below 4 years old. The goggles are quite heavy and the colorful world in front of their eyes is a bit too much. Address: Radnická 367/6

See the miniature world for yourself – it’s an exhibition in the toy shop. Kids can watch the miniature world with trains, airplanes, houses and people inside. They can press the button to make it move. I’d say you buy your ticket on slevomat, it’s cheaper. You’ll spend here no longer than 30 minutes.  Address: Josefská 697/7

Let your kid play in Moravske square – there’s a newly opened playground. Not big, but enough to keep your kid occupied or even entertain, while you plan your next moves around Brno.  

So this is just the beginning. Let’s take a look at some other places, where it’s easier to go by bus or tram, especially with kids, who as we all know, have energy only on the playground 😀 

If you go in a slightly different direction from the center, you’ll find 3 places at once. It’s also around 15 minutes walk or a few tram stops.  

Take steps on Schodova Street  – although it’s not a top stop for kids, my kids love it. Every time we go to Luzanky, first we have a competition on Schodova street – who’s first on top.  

Visit Luzanky – it’s the biggest city park with at least 3 playgrounds, beloved stinky pigs, and a bush maze. It’s also the best spot for finding chestnuts in autumn or having a picnic in summer. In the heart of the park, there’s a Centre of Free Time, where different workshops or concerts take place.  

Admire Villa Löw-beer – in addition to visiting this Art Nouveau villa, you may enjoy a coffee, while your kids play outside in the garden of the villa. It’s quiet here and ideal for a short break between sightseeing.  



Meet the polar bear in Zoo Brno – Kids love animals and Brno has quite a lot of them. Open year-round ZOO offers a day full of attractions. You’ll need at least 4 hours to walk it through and it still will not be enough to stop by every playground in the ZOO, not to mention see every animal they have. Tram stop: Zoologicka Zastavka 

Swim in Prehrada – It’s a water reservoir, the biggest in and around Brno. During the season, it’s busy. No wonder, you can relax by the water, rent a boat, paddle, swim or have a picnic. Basically, it’s the center of fun in summer. Tram stop: Pristaviste 


Grab a coffee at Piknic box – It’s nothing else than a combination of a playground and quality coffee. I like coming back here.  

Get lost in Wilsonův les –it’s ideal for a lazy walk, especially in the summer, when the scorching sun is unbearable anymore. The shade of the trees can save you. When visiting don’t miss out on the famous Jurkovic’s House. 


Visit Technical Museum – Located in Kralovo Pole district, it’s a museum that allows kids to learn by experience. There’re many exhibitions, where they are allowed to touch, try and feel.  


Have fun in Jungle park Brno – it’s an outside rope park for kids older than 4 years, teenagers and adults. There’re different climbing routes, some easy ones, some extreme. The surrounding is amazing – it’s in the forest, close to Svratka river. It’s open from April till the end of November.  Address: Bauerova 321/5

Go back in time in Anthropos – another exposition of Moravské Zemské Museum, this time about humans and their genesis. It’s located in Pisarky district and it’s really close to the jungle park, so you may plan those two for one day. For kids, the most interesting may be a huge prototype of a mammoth or saber-tooth tiger.  Address: Pisárecká 273


Slide in Aquapark Kohoutovice – the only aquapark in Brno, with plenty of attractions for the youngest. There’s a slide, a wild river, a sauna, a jacuzzi, some massage beds, and many more. It’s the busiest from 5 pm till 7pm. It’s quite close to Jungle park and Anthropos, around 5-7 minutes by car.

Go around the educational path in Obora Holedna – I’ve been writing a whole article about it. But the main attraction for kids is located at the entrance between Kohoutovice and Zebetin. A short educational path around the wild boars and the playground in the middle of the forest, as well as a chance to see deer or roe is what attracts kids the most. Bus stop: Stará dálnice – buses 50,52


Go for the best ice creams in town – Agnes – the line is long, but it’s worth waiting. They’ll mix it all for you. Don’t exaggerate with the size, because ice cream portions are huge. I love their hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. On the other side, you’ll find a new outside playground.  Address: Palackého nám. 20

Find your way out of the maze in Šaškárna – it’s an indoor playground for small kids, but I think older ones can have fun there too. We used to go there often because we lived close by. The main attraction is a huge rope labyrinth, but there’s also a separate playground for kids under 3 years old.  Address: Novoměstská 1c

Find your favourite Playground– The playground is called:  dobrodružné hřiště Halda and this is how you find it on google maps. The whole area is perfect for spending a sporty day with your kid.  And in close proximity, there’s also another playground and a restaurant: Bus stop: Nadační, Address: v Ujezdech

Playground in castle park: Zámecké hřiště v Zámeckém parku – the playground is absolutely fantastic for kids! They can play knights and princesses there. Obviously, there’s a castle as well as dragons, horses and for parents, a lot of places to sit down and relax, while supervising kids of course.  Address: Hudcova 309

By the way, grab a pizza from the castle’s restaurant or enjoy coffee from a closeby Caffe Rotatoria 


Experiment in VIDA – it’s an interactive Science Center. Kids can learn by experimenting, observing and trying out different things. It’s divided into several sections, each connected with a different topic: body, nature, inventions etc. Even though there’s also a small playground inside, I think school kids will understand more than toddlers here.  Address: Křížkovského 554/12

Play in Tyrsuv Sad – although it’s not that far on foot from the center, it landed in this category. The playground is located in the park, away from the city turmoil. An additional attraction for kids are the animals kept here: some parrots, birds, and goats.  


Have fun in Bongo – it’s an indoor playground for kids. It’s pretty busy during weekends, especially from 3 pm, when the birthday party starts. Anyway, there’re plenty of attractions for kids – climbing, riding in a car, jumping – basically everything your kids wished for.  Address: Pražákova 51

Visit animals in Jižanský dvorek – along the Svratka river goes the cycle path. Between Komarov and center, find the Jizansky dvorek, where you can observe some animals. There’re goats, deer, donkeys and cows. At the back, you’ll also find some gooses, ducks and hens. Close by you’ll find a playground.  Address: Dufkovo nábř. 486

Sunbathe and relax in Biotop – It’s a natural swimming pool, open during the summer season. I like it there, because it’s not only pools, it’s also trampolines, a sandpit and a playground for kids.  Address: K Lávce 749/13


Enjoy your time in Olympia park – located at the back of Olympia Shopping center, it’s a huge outdoor playground, skates track and a climbing wall. For smaller kids there’s also the park railway, where they can have a 12- minute ride long almost 1,5 km on a mini train.


Learn about llamas in Lama centrum – located in quarry Lomy, it’s another place where you can take your kid to meet some animals. The guided tour lasts around 30 minutes and you can learn a bit about llamas.  


Enjoy a ride in Marianske Udoli – it’s a paradise for bike lovers, hikers and outdoor fans. For kids I suggest bob-sleigh track longer than a kilometer. This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a ride on the route with the highest elevation in Moravia. Thanks to seat belts and automatic electromagnetic brakes, the track is also suitable for families with children. 


Climb the observation tower Holedná – also a part of Obora Holedna, but I’d say the easiest climb is from Jundrov district. There’s no problem with parking, in addition in front of the parking spot, there’s a playground.  

Watch baseball at Sport Center Hroch – it’s a sport areal with baseball, I think the only one in Brno. There’s a playground, trampolines, swing and a bistro, where you can grab some food. It’s hot in summer days, because there’s not enough shade, but still full of kids. Address: Veslařská 220/28


Walk around the nature reserve in Kamenný vrch – Again, I recommend this spot for a lazy walk in the forest than an attraction for kids. Make sure to go in early spring to see the blooming pasqueflowers in the nature reserve. In addition, go as far as to Hotel Myslivna to order some food with a breathtaking view over Brno. An advantage is a outdoor playground.


Check out the area around PlanetariumPlanetarium in Brno offers great program for kids as well. There’re at least two shows for kids on the standard schedule. In addition, the area around Planetarium is liked by kids because of all the attractions. Kids can check their weight on different planets, try out gravity or observe the sky. In addition, there’re two playgrounds, where kids can pretend to be astronauts.  

Visit a playground with the best view over Brno – what do you need more than a panorama view of Brno, while your kid digs in sand? This one is located close to the swimming pool in Kravi Hora.  


There’re probably many more restaurants and cafes kids friendly in Brno, and by kids friendly I don’t mean they have a kid’s chair or the waiter won’t kill you with your sight, but I mean it’s properly prepared to keep your kid busy, while waiting for the meal. Or the kind of restaurants you go to, knowing that there’s an inside or outdoor playground and your little ones have fun too. Let me just list them, with addresses:  

  • La Patas – U Leskavy 39, 625 00 Brno-Starý Lískovec 
  • Butcher’s Grill & Pasta – Dobrovského 29, 612 00 Brno-Královo Pole 
  • La Corrida –  nám. Svornosti 6, 616 00 Brno-Žabovřesky 
  • Restaurant Like-it – Benešova 166, 664 42 Modřice 
  • Kam Jinam – Kamechy 1025/55, 641 00 Brno-Bystrc 
  • Kafe na pisku – nám. SNP 1771/33, 613 00 Brno-sever-Černá Pole 
  • Cafe Rossa – Zikova 2467/34, 628 00 Brno-Líšeň 
  • KaFarna – Wágnerova 3b, 614 00 Brno-Maloměřice a Obřany 
  • Cukrárna Luna – Žebětínská 821/70, Brno-Kohoutovice, 623 00 Brno 
  • MAMA KAFE – Úvoz 525/21, 602 00 Brno-střed-Staré Brno 
  • UM café – Veselá 166/18, 602 00 Brno-střed 
  • Mezzanine Café – Údolní 15, 602 00 Brno-střed 
  • Hradek plny Hratek – Volejníkova 1805/2, 613 00 Brno-sever-Černá Pole


You need to admit that with that amount of attractions, it’s better to stay a night. Brno is full of luxury hotels, mostly in the center of Brno, but you can also find a super option for families with kids outside the center, in one of its districts. See the full offer here.


I’ve got no idea why it took me so long to write this. My kids are already 8 and 5 this year. And I can call myself quite an expert on finding spots for kids, especially in and around Brno. We’ve been almost everywhere here and I guess I’m only mature now to share it with you. As the kids grow older, I may update it to propose funny activities for teenagers as well. Who knows?

But for now, I hope you find it useful. Let me know if you like it!!

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