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Brno,  Czech Republic

#32 food spots for your next visit in Brno

I’ve never liked coffee. My entire adult life I’d rather choose tea over coffee, but something changed in me last year. I finally get used to the bitter-sweet taste of the beans, and I like it. With the huge amount of steamed milk and foam of course, but anyway. And even more than coffee I love going out with my daughters, my friends or family to relax, forget about the mess in my own kitchen…and indulge myself with some delicious treats. And because I’ve been living in Brno for 13 years already, and I can say I’ve been here and there, let’s focus on Brno. I sum up the list of my favourite spots in Brno. It’ll be delicious, fancy or on a budget. Buckle up, let’s go! 


When I moved to Brno 13 years ago, the gastronomy scene has not been that developed as it is now. In most Cafes only the traditional Czech desserts were served, no-one heard about the Specialty Coffee Association and it’s been Starobrno more popular than crafted beer. While these days, Brno definitely knows the art of good eating. Brno’s gourmet cuisine can compete with the Prague’s one. You can now find here modern, urban cafes with beautiful yet simple interiors. You can now choose from selection of delicious cheesecakes or eat fully vegan meal. Brno’s changed for better! 


Brno is way more than the city center, that’s why I’ll try to cover most of the Brno’s district. As much as I like going to the city centre from time to time, I enjoy exploring new spots in my surroundings even more. 


Cafe morgal – It’s nice, quiet and cozy cafe serving coffee, desserts, drinks and well as seasonal menu. It’s located in one of the Moravian’s gallery building, in the heart of Brno – Moravian Square. During summer,you can sit outside in the courtyard.  

Address: Husova 18 (Prazakuv palace) 

Cafe Placzek – This cafe is packed during weekend brunch and it’s known for that. Reserve your table if you want to have that egg benedict. I’ve been here few times after work on the other hand, and I’ve never been disappointed.  

Address: Minoritska 470/4 

Cukrarstvi Martinak – it’s a confectionary shop rather than a café, but still if you insist on having your coffee and dessert there, you can. There’re few chairs inside and outside. You can order here a birthday cake or try different type of cakes.  

Address: Veveri 461/14 

Cupcakekarna – It’s a little, lovely shop hidden on the Freedom Square. When it was opened it was one of the first places in Brno of this kind, selling delicious cupcakes with all sorts of buttercream and toppings. 

Address: Namesti Svobody 92/21 

Skog Urban Hub – one of the hottest café in the center. Beloved by young people because of the interior design that’s held in the Scandinavian style with rustic wood and metal.  The staff there is super helpful and nice.  

Address: Dominikanske namesti 5 

Kafec – there’re two branches in Brno. It’s one of the first cafes serving waffles in Brno. It’s very expensive, when I compare that to the waffles from Poland, but on the other hand Kafec waffles are nothing alike. You can order sweet or salty version. Kafec is also good for breakfast and brunches in Brno, but don’t forget about the reservation  

Address: Orli 491/16 or Uvoz 447/120 

Mlsna holka – If you’re a fan of donuts or cinnamon rolls this is your spot! I’ve been following Mlska Holka on social sites for years. She had a shop at first, but I’m glad she opened a café as well! It’s always full and no wonder. Everything is delicious there! 

Address: Postovska 1 

Soul bistro – I’ve been there once after opening and quite recently and without a doubt I can say I still enjoy it here. They are famous for the fish and chips and I must say, if you’re hungry go for it! 

Address: Jezuitska 10 

Podnik – Just another cozy cafeteria in the heart of Brno. I’ve been there a couple of times for dessert, but they do serve also savory options.  

Address: Peroutková 5 

Vycep na stojaka – very trendy spot in Brno. It’s kind of a weird concept of a bar without chairs. But people seem to like it. They stand all around the big square outside to have a pint of beer.  

Address: Behounska 16 

Forky’s – right in front of Vycep na stojaka you may find a huge, vegan restaurant. You can order here meat like burgers, vege poke or many more.  

Address: Jakubske namesti 1 

Zemanova kavarna a cukrarna – the oldest confectionary shop and café in Brno with traditional Czech desserts.  I usually go there to grab something on the way.  

Address: Josefská 4 

Cosmopolis grill – I always choose their cheapest option, which is kebab in bread, but they do serve the full main courses as well. By the taste of the kebab I can guarantee it’ll be tasty.  

Address: Kozi 5 

Kolbaba – one of the fist cafes I went to. Located not directly in the city center, but within a walking distance. They serve tasty desserts, but you need to be early as they sell really fast. You can order here the whole birthday cake as well.  

Address: Kounicova 21 

Chlebickarna Ema – delicatessen selling Czech sandwiches. It’s a slice of soft bread covered with potato salad with a lot of different ingredients like ham, cheese, salami, egg etc. Those sandwiches are extraordinary, I simply love them!! 

Address: Pekařská 4


Jiří Mahen Library’s Cafe – located in the library’s building, it’s a quiet and simple place. It’s really cheap compared to other places in Brno. You can have here a coffee and a cake for less than 100 kc. 

Address: Kobližná 4 

Diana Confectionary shop – this is a kind of place you would pass by and didn’t enter, but I did one day and was nicely surprised. They have the whipped cream tubes, waffles, ice-creams and desserts. You can have that on the go or eat inside.  

Address: Česká 241 

POE –POE –fast food serving the cheapest pancakes in the city. I prefer to have them take-away, as the interiors are not well maintained. 

Address: Masarykova 442/3, 602 00 Brno-střed 

Brana ke zdravi – it’s a healthy food shop with a small bakery, where you can order your treat.

Address: Orlí 17


Coffee trail Garden– I love the interiors of the café. It’s filled with concrete, wood and plants. My ideal combination. Food is also amazing – always fresh and delicious.

Address: Oblá 505 

La Patas – it’s pizzeria/pasta restaurant beloved by many around Brno. Pizza is a bit pricey, but I like it mainly because of the kid’s corner.


The roses beer&coffee – I’d call it rather a bistro, because they serve all kinds of food starting from hot-dogs, burgers to delicious cakes. There’s my favourite chai-latte, fine coffee or crafted beers as well.

Address: Purkyňova 2415/116 

Piknik box – great concept of spending time outside, on a fresh air watching your kids play on the playground while you can sip your coffee, wine or fresh-made lemonade. It also is known for organizing food festivals or different tematic attractions for kids. I simply love it.  

Address: Björnsonův sad 

Bila Vrana – Great café with pleasant, modern and cozy interiors. Also with excellent choice of savory and sweet breakfasts. 

Address: Kristenova 71

Anoda – I’ve been there couple of times already and I love their selection of cheesecakes. It’s closer to the city center, but not directly there. It has some seats outside as well and inside. The interiors are modern and unique.  

Address: tř. Kpt. Jaroše 39 

Klub cestovatelu – restaurant serving food from all around the world. They do have the thematic evenings, serving for example worms or other exotic food. I like their hummus and bulgur. They have the courtyard with seating, which is really pleasant during summer.

Address: Veleslavínova 183/14 


Rebel Bean – I remember rebel bean to be “just” a coffee roastery. I remember the funny smell every time I walked by. About two years ago, it opened its first take-away shop making their own coffee and now they’re populat all over Brno. Their coffee is rich in flavour, thick and strong. I like it a lot.

Address: Veslařská 36 

Cafe Louka – situated by the cycle path, next to sport areal Hroch. It’s impossible not to stop by, either by the Café or the sport’s center itself. Café Louka do have some sandwiches, hot-dogs or waffles. Of course coffee and  other beverages are a standard.

Address: Veslařská, areal Hroch 

Qb coffee roasters – a very cool spot, again along the cycle path between Brno reservoir and anthropos. It has recently become the most popular coffee shop not only because of the great coffee, but also the magical surroundings! 

Address: Veslařská 179 


Leharo – This bistro/restaurant offers a great gastro experience serving tasty burgers, tortillas or salads. It’s not that easy to find it, but it’s worth it.

Address: Potocká 53 


Agnes – I can say with a clear conscience that it is one of the best ice cream place in Brno. I regret we moved from Reckovice many years ago, but at least once a year we’re here to taste the ice-creams again. No matter what time you’ll arrive, there’s always a queue.  

Address: Palackého nám. 20 

Alvin Restaurace – the restaurant has changed its name and the owners probably too several times over the last ten years. But it’s its location that makes it extraordinary. It’s located in the building of Medlanky castle, in the park, next to the playground. What else do you need?

Address: Hudcova 2


Here is the list of all the places that get either good reviews, are pretty new and definitely popular, but I didn’t haven’t visited them yet.

Arslan Buzz – Mongolian dumplings

Botanic Bar & Bistro – Café

Industra Coffee – Original spot

Mitte Pisecnik – Café with a nice garden

Kafe v rozkladu – Look at their menu – it’s interesting

Manya sushi & sake izakaya – Asian cuisine

Forgive me for not having enough photos this time, but I’m always too quick to eat what I get instead of taking photo of it first.

Which one is your favourite?

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