• Sopot

    Sopot for a day

    Sopot is a famous seaside resort on the Polish Baltic Sea coast. It’s a mixture of elegant villas, upscale restaurants, and buzzing clubs. Every year around 2 million Polish and international visitors come to this glitzy resort on the Baltic…

  • Gdansk

    10 top places you cannot miss in Gdańsk

    The city with rich history and amazing architecture. The city, which was almost fully wiped out during the Second World war. The city, which attracts almost 3 million tourists yearly. Gdańsk is the most beautiful city on the whole polish…

  • Biotope Oslavany
    Czech Republic,  South Moravia

    Biotope Oslavany

    Biotope in Oslavany town offers a natural bathing, an alternative for swimming pools. The water although not crystal clear, does not contain chlorine, and is safe to swim in. The filtration and cleaning process goes through aquatic plants. Nature does the work…

  • Balaton
    Balaton,  Hungary

    Round the Balaton lake – All you need to know

    Balaton, the so-called Hungarian sea is the biggest lake in Central Europe (592 square km). Its climate, shallow water and infrastructure allure mostly family with kids and cyclists. It’s still a holiday resort for many Hungarians. Compared to other European…

  • Nove Mlyny slide
    Czech Republic,  South Moravia

    Pasohlavky – Nove Mlyny Water Reservoir

    Nove Mlyny water reservoir in Pasohlavky offers wide array of services. Sunbathing as a starter, refreshing beverages and tasty food as a main course and water sports for dessert. Everything you need is basically at one place.   ATC MERKURY Campsite Merkur Pasohlavky is the biggest one in…

  • Rudice sand quarry
    Czech Republic,  South Moravia

    One-day trip to Rudice

    Rudice is a small village with iron and mining tradition and it’s located in the Moravian Karst. It’s a perfect spot for a one-day trip.  There’re less than a thousand inhabitants, whereas plenty of travellers, climbers and people from surrounding places. We’ve been…