• Katowice Spodek
    Poland,  Silesia

    24 hours in Katowice

    10 years ago, I would never suggest you to visit Katowice. The city was grey and gloomy, boring and mundane. Nothing really to see or do. Time has changed. Katowice has changed. The city now is lively, cosmopolitan and innovative.…

  • Museum of railways
    Czech Republic,  South Moravia

    Museum of railways in Zbysov

    It’s the only chance in summer months to visit the railway museum in Zbysov and take a ride in steam locomotive. Go back in time, enjoy the ride on a narrow-gauge track inside a wagon pulled by a steam locomotive. Play around with different…

  • Amsterdam
    Amsterdam,  The Netherlands

    Why Amsterdam?

    THE SMELL OF MARIHUANNA I’m 100 % convinced that those bunches of young people didn’t come to Amsterdam for Van Gogh museum, Rembrandt or Ann Frank house, but for something much deeper. They came here to feel freedom, tolerance and…