Sopot for a day

Sopot is a famous seaside resort on the Polish Baltic Sea coast. It’s a mixture of elegant villas, upscale restaurants, and buzzing clubs. Every year around 2 million Polish and international visitors come to this glitzy resort on the Baltic Sea. It’s mostly young people, very glamorous ones or jet-set, who visit Sopot. It is also called the Polish Monte Cassino due to its notorious, but legal back then gambling history. So, are you ready for a quick tour around Sopot? Here’re few places worth seeing.


The top attraction of Sopot is its pier. It’s the longest pier in Europe and it covers a length of 511 meters. There’s a viewing platform and a restaurant at the end, which makes wandering out there more enjoyable. The entrance fee is 9 Polish Zloty(2021) and the queue is always way too long. You may also buy tickets online here.

Sopot's Pier
Sopot’s Pier


It’s a very luxurious and expensive hotel today. It was opened back in 1927 as a place to relax for guests, who came to gamble in the casino. Today it relates to its almost 100 years old history. It provides a private beach, gym, and spa. One night there costs around 150 Eur.

Grand Hotel
Grand Hotel


Located in the Old Town, not far from the pier, Sopot Lighthouse is probably the most recognizable building in town. It was built in 1903 as part of the town’s prosperous Balneological Institute and served as a chimney. Only later in 1977, the building obtained the right to be a lighthouse. The tower is opened for visitors. The ascent is only 25 meters. The opening hours depend on the season, but during summer break it’s opened from 9 am till 9 pm.



The Crooked House is a funny piece of architecture resembling a Hundertwasser’s house in Vienna. It took us a little while to find it but it turned out it’s on the main street: Bohaterów Monte Cassino 53. From the lighthouse just go straight and follow the crowd.

Crooked house
Crooked house


It’s a representative street of Sopot full of restaurants and cafes. You may find some street artists here and lots of souvenirs. This street is car-free, however, it doesn’t mean it’s quiet. It’s the most visited place in Sopot. It’s so crowded, we run away pretty quickly.


If you’ve got a bit more time in Sopot, you may take a trip to Orłowo cliffs. From the pier, it’s 5 kilometers there. The best thing is that you can rent a bike, scooter or walk there along the beach. There’s a cycle path – flat as a pancake, so easy to ride even for kids. The cliff itself makes an impression. As per the information I read, it retreats 1 meter every year.


To avoid crowd, choose May or September/October

Sopot is more for party people. If you came to the Baltic Sea to find peacefulness and harmony Sopot is not for you. Try to find a smaller village, outside of Tri-City.


Sopot is one city among the glorious Tri-City. Don’t forget to visit Gdańsk, the most beautiful city on the Baltic Sea. It takes only 15 minutes by train to transfer between Sopot and Gdańsk.