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Murano – one of the largest Venetian island

Murano is the second largest island after Venice in Venetian lagoon. It is famous for its glass factories, where most of the islands’ inhabitants work. They make glass in a traditional way in glass-blowing factories and export their goods all over the world. Murano is the first tourists’ choice after exploring Venice. It’s a bit quieter and definitely worth spending few hours there.


There’s no other way to get to Murano than by boat. The water tram cruises every 20 minutes or so. If you want to follow to the surrounding islands, go ahead. Just plan it ahead and buy 24-hour or 48-hour ticket instead of a single ones. They’re all expensive, but definitely more economical are the daily passes.


Besides Venice, Murano is considered to be the most important island of the Venice lagoon. It is not that crowded by tourists compared to Venice, or even Burano. And it’s good to buy yourself an original souvenir from Murano. It just might be a glassy charms for you pandora bracelet.


The first settlers were in Murano in the sixth century and made it an important commercial port. In the course of time, making glass was became the popular craft in the region. Especially in the 13th century, when techniques of processing was known from the Orient. Products like vases, glasses, and jewelry were exported to China.

The glass making was also popular in Venice, but because of the increasing number of fires, the glassblowers moved to Murano in 1295.

At the end of the 18th century, the craft paused for some time. Napoleon conquered Venice, it was the downfall of the Venetian Republic. But in the middle of the 19th century, the old tradition was resumed by some glassblowers.

The glass of the island is internationally known. It is exported all around the world. Although it is now copied in other countries, Murano glass is a specialty.


When planning a visit to Murano, don’t forget to put glass factory on your itinerary. You can watch how the glass is being made. It’s heated and softened. It is getting more like plasticine, which can be brought to all sorts of shapes. The production techniques are denied to the general public and are only passed on from family to family. The glassblowing secures its existence and is still one of its most important professions today. Buy yourself a nice vase or a piece of jewelry and enjoy!


Besides the glass factories you may also enjoy the walk full of different sights such as one of the oldest churches in the region. The Basilica of Santa Maria e Donato, which dates from the 7th century and has a unique mosaic floor. Or other places of worship worth seeing, like the churches of San Pietro Martire and Santa Maria degli Angeli.

As always, I recommend to slowly walk by, don’t rush over. Grab yourself a slice of pizza, drink Spritz and enjoy your day. I’m sure you’ll make many unique discoveries on a walk through the narrow streets and canals, where you can feel the true Italian charm of the island.


Although most of the people rather stay in Venice, it’s possible to stay a night on Murano Island as well. The list is not that vast as it’s in Venice, but there’s definitely something to choose from. This stay is way more than just something to choose from, NH Collection Murano Villa is located in the former De Majo glass factory. It’s top-rated, modern place. There’re also plenty of cozy apartments, like this one Beocio Home, which are fully equipped and you can feel like home there.

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