Stranska Skala
Brno,  Czech Republic,  South Moravia

Stranska Skala, Brno

Only 15 minutes away from the busy streets of Brno centre, between Julianov and Slatina districts you will find another great place for an afternoon walk – Stranska Skala. Not only will you breathe some fresh air but you will also get the chance to look at Brno from a different angle.

What I don’t recommend is going there on a hot summer day, unless you want to sunbath. There’s nowhere to hide from the sun, except the undergrounds which I will write about below.

Stranska Skala
Stranska Skala


Straight from the tram stop Stranska Skala you may climb the hill or go around and climb it from the other side. Whichever you choose will be good, because it doesn’t matter once you on the hill. It’s not big, all the paths are somehow connected, it’s fairly possible to get lost over there. Look for green or yellow markings.

At the centre point of the hill, which is 310 meters above the sea level, there’s a triangular pyramid and a marble board with information what you’re looking at.

The highest point in Stranska Skala
The highest point in Stranska Skala


The hill may also be a paradise for climbers because of the visible limestone. If you’re one, you don’t really need to go far away from the city to get the adrenaline level rise up.


The undergrounds I mentioned earlier was a bomb and nuclear shelter. Germans also wanted to transfer there the factory of components for aircraft engines during the occupation, but it was never finished. They just dig 1 kilometre of corridors. Nowadays anyone who is not afraid of darkness or bats can enter the underground labyrinth. It’s way better to be prepared beforehand and take some light. More information about the undergrounds

By the way we took our baby girl in a stroller, it’s not easy but possible.


Tram no. 10 from main station will take you directly to Stranska Skala, it runs every hour, so better check the schedule before. There’s also a small parking place for those who don’t like to use public transportation.

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