Soca Valley

The most memorable places of Soca Valley – Slovenia

Did you know that some scenes of Chronicles of Narnia were filmed by the Soca River in Slovenia? No wonder, Soca River offers beautiful and out-of-this-world scenery. Cities like Bovec, Kobarid, Tolmin, Kanal all a part of Soca valley, offer unforgettable experiences full of adventure, cultural heritage, outdoor activities, cuisine, and music festivals. Soca valley is a paradise for outdoor activities, whether it’s simply hiking and cycling or kayaking and paragliding. Visitors will not only find opportunities for relaxation, recreation, and swimming but also see the cultural heritage, enchanting old towns, or enjoy a live music festival. 


We came to Soca valley to appreciate the untouched nature, not the cities. So on our last day in Slovenia, we set up for a quest of a few spots we planned to see.


Nothing special you say, but in our opinion, it was an out-of-this-world experience. The bridge is a part of the Brjeka trail that links two sides of the river. You can find it near Kal-Koritnica. If you drive along the way from Tolmin in the direction of Great Soca Gorge, you cannot miss it.


The great Soca gorge is 750 meters long, it’s also unbelievably deep, reaching up to 15 meters and a few meters wide. You may admire it on foot, if you follow the Soca Trail, starting at the wooden hanging bridge. It’s a natural masterpiece, but I couldn’t relax completely there. I had to pay attention to the kids, making sure they wouldn’t end up at the bottom of the river. We went along the emerald green Soca River just for a few hundred meters and then return. The Great Soča Gorge is not completely accessible and can only be seen in some spots on the marked forest footpath. In humid, cold and winter months, it’s advised against going close to the cliffs as there’s a possibility of slipping from the edge. Coordinates: N 46° 20′ 14.873″ E 13° 38′ 45.129″

Great Soca
Great Soca


The small Soca Gorge is just a few kilometers from Great Soca Gorge, and it’s a natural treasure of the Triglav National Park. Covering 100 meters and up to 6 meters deep. It’s where we’ve spent most of our time playing with stones, listening to the sound of water, and taking pictures. It’s definitely a marvel of nature, but remember it’s not allowed to do any kind of sports activity in this section. Coordinates: N 46° 20′ 29.609″ E 13° 41′ 3.356″





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