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All you need to know about Tolmin Gorge

Tolmin Gorge is yet another spot on the touristic map of Slovenia’s finest. It’s a part of Triglav National Park, located at the southern end of it. It’s no worse than the Vintgar Gorge, and I would say it’s even more magical. First, probably because of the light turquoise color of the Tolminka river.  Second, because it’s located off the main tourist trails and it’s less crowded.  


The path is 2 kilometers long with quite a few stairs leading to the devil’s bridge, the final point. The trail is full of viewpoints and picturesque spots, among others you can expect:  

  • The confluence of Tolminka and Zadlascica rivers – the lowest point of Triglav National Park, it’s the place where two rivers meet, but it’s also a popular photo spot. Everyone visiting Tolmin gorge will have a picture on the white rock! 
  • Thermal springs – walk along the crystal clear, turquoise waters of Tolminka river through the dark tunnel and come out from the stunning viewpoint of the thermal springs 
  • The bear’s head – viewpoint of a huge stone in the shape of bear’s head (apparently- I couldn’t see it) stuck between two cliffs.  
  • Devil’s bridge – offers a breathtaking view of the Tolmin Gorge. You can see it from a different perspective. Once you reach that point, there’s no turning back to the gorge.  From the devil’s bridge, you will return to the ticket office on the pathway.  



Opening hours depend on the season. The Tolmin Gorge is open from the middle of March till the middle of November. Mostly between 9 am and 7 pm.

But please check on the official website before the visit


The prices vary as well.

March April, October, November: 6 EUR adult and 3 EUR kids

May, June, September 8 EUR adult, and 4 EUR kid

July and August 10 EUR adult and 5 EUR kids


There are two parking spaces: Parking P1 and P2. P1 is very close to the entrance, but you need to pay for it. Parking P2, free of charge, is remote a 15-minute walk from the entrance. There’s a free shuttle bus available.


Kids will love the color of the water, the number of stones at the bank of the river, and hike! But similarly, to Vintgar Gorge, I do not recommend taking your kid in a stroller or buggy, this time because of the stairs. If you have babies, I suggest carrying them in a baby carrier. Older kids may walk on their own. It’s shorter than the Vintgar Gorge, it takes around 4 kilometers in total.  

Tolmin Gorge
Tolmin Gorge


Comfy shoes are the basics. You will walk, climb the stairs, even get a bit wet when stomping on the wrong stone.  


Traditional Slovenian cuisine is served in Okrepčevalnica Tolminska Korita, just on your way back from the Tolmin Gorges. I had absolutely yummy baked polenta with different cheeses, kids chose standard: Cevapcici and my husband tried mixed meat. The prices are very pleasant, the only thing I had trouble with was the access to the WC..imagine that. Somehow the entrance code received from the waitress didn’t work. We’ve seen also a restaurant full of people in Zatolmin: Slavečki Stjepan s.p. gostilna Zatolmin, so it may be an alternative for you.  


We found cheap accommodation in the heart of Tolmin: Hostel Paradiso. Although it has only two stars on rating, it was really good. The room was clean, the hostel owner was very friendly, there’s a fully equipped kitchen for guests to use, and fresh towels available in the bathroom. It’s rather for bigger groups, our room was for 6 guests. There’s also one dorm room, where you pay for a place in bed. But the whole offer of Tolmin accommodation is here.


SWIM: If you spend more than one night in Tolmin as we did, you might wanna see more of this beautiful area. We’ve decided we want to experience a swim in the Soca River, therefore we set up for the beach called:  Sotočje Tolminke in Soče, a natural beach. The water, at the end of August, was freezing cold. In my opinion swimming in the Soca River is not ideal for small children, first because of the huge stones at the bottom – it really hurts when you try to walk on them. Secondly, the river flow is too strong. But my kids seemed to be pretty happy playing with stones at the riverside. There’s also the second beach we found: Natural beach Volčanski most.

GO TO CAFE: A popular spot among locals was: Grajski vrt ART&DECO CAFÉ serving good quality coffee and delicious desserts.

GO PLAY AND CYCLE: Our littlest one really enjoyed the pump track in the sports arena in Tolmin. On the other side of it, you can find a playground.  You can find it on address: aDijaška ulica, 5220 Tolmin, Słowenia

GRAB A ROLL: We were buying bread at the Eltona d.o.o. – PE Tolmin T’Minska pekarna  T.MISKA PEKARNA, Ulica padlih borcev 1h, 5220 Tolmin, Słowenia 

ORDER PIZZA: One of the places that were recommended to us was Pizzeria Soca 202. The pizza was tasty, and the service was nice.  

VISIT A MUSEUM OF TOLMIN: we didn’t make it, but if you’re a fan of history this is your spot.

Do you think you are ready to experience Tolmin? I think you should!!


VINTGAR GORGE – a very popular spot for hikers

BLED – the most spectacular like in Slovenia

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