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    Toruń – 13 attractions in the city

    Copernicus, gingerbreads, the Gothic Old Town inscribed on the UNESCO list – these are just a few of the attractions that draw tourists to Toruń. A city built at the bank of Vistula river, where ach street is another reminder…

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    Murano – one of the largest Venetian island

    Murano is the second largest island after Venice in Venetian lagoon. It is famous for its glass factories, where most of the islands’ inhabitants work. They make glass in a traditional way in glass-blowing factories and export their goods all…

  • Rialto Bridge

    Venice – what to see?

    Venice, called the most beautiful city in the world, is on everyone’s bucket list. It’s just everyone’s dream to go through the canals in gondola, stand on the Rialto bridge or go around St. Mark’s square. It has been doomed…

  • Burano

    Burano – the most colorful island in Italy

    Burano, located in the Venice Lagoon, is known for its lace product making tradition and bright rainbow colours of its houses.  Make it a half-day trip from Venice and enjoy the explosion of colours. WHY SO COLORFUL  Theories are different,…