Ski Fajtuv Kopec_Velke Mezirici
Czech Republic,  Vysocina Region

Skiing near Brno: Ski fajtuv kopec

We finished this year’s skiing adventure in Velke Mezirici 2 weeks ago. The last ski resort we visited was a bit different than the others. It’s called Ski Resort Fajtuv Kopec, and it’s only 30 minutes away from Brno by car. We drove via D1 in directions to Prague. Once we left the highway, it’s a couple more minutes to the ski resort. The parking space is fitted for 200 cars. This ski resort in Vysocina is worth visiting.


I was quite surprised when I came to see the hill, I simply wanted to check the overall snow condition. And here I was standing almost on top of the hill. Everything is turned around. Normally you see the big mountain or hill just in front of you, start at the lift to get to the top. Here you need to slide at first, then get the T-bar lift to come back. It’s really important to remember about the ski lift ticket before you indulge into the passion of skiing/snowboarding.  


There’re 3 trails to choose from in this ski resort in Vysocina region- the main one, training one and the one destined for kids. The hill is 550 meters high, it’s good for beginners and intermediate riders, excellent for kids. Two weeks ago, conditions were acceptable – 30 meters of artificial snow. No wonder it hurt during the fall. First time this year I had the chance to race with my daughter. It turned out a 5-year old kiddo was way faster than me. Generally, skies are faster than snowboard, or maybe it’s just me. 

Ski Fajtuv Kopec, snowboard time
Ski Fajtuv Kopec, snowboarding time


Once you get hungry and thirsty ski bar offers a variety of snacks and beverages, while in the cosy restaurant you can try out different menus. Next to the restaurant you can find the ski rental as well.  

These days the ski season is over. It’s not a surprise with the spring behind our back.  

Ski Fajtuv Kopec, snack bar
Ski Fajtuv Kopec, snack bar


Not to worry. Besides the tracks at the Fajtuv hill you can also visit an observation tower with its 175 steps. Up from 584 meters above sea level there is an incredible view for the surrounding area. Strangely it is open from 5 a.m. till 10 p.m. year-round, so you can grab the most beautiful pictures of sunrise and sunset anytime you want. It costs only 20 kc.  

Ski Fajtuv Kopec, Observation Tower
Ski Fajtuv Kopec, Observation Tower


There’re more ski slopes nearby Hodonin u Kunstatu, Olesnice

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