Velke Karlovice
Czech Republic,  Zlín Region

Skiing in Czech mountains: Velke Karlovice

Even though we had an accommodation in Karolinka, we were still quite curious about Velke Karlovice. After all, primarily it was our destination.  


Karolinka and Velke Karlovice are connected by the Becva Cycle Path. It’s actually a very picturesque walk, which takes around 40 minutes.  If you are tired with morning skiing take a car, it’s only 5 minutes.  We were heading to Synot-Kycerka Ski Area. But don’t be mistaken, Velke Karlovice area goes way further till Slovak border.  

Bike Path
Bike path – Velke Karlovice


The ski resort Kycerka is much bigger in comparison to Karolinka. More than 2 km of ski slopes with different ski lifts, including so called “carpet” for kids are available for everyone. Winter sport fans can choose between blue and red tracks. Kids’ park is a hit for little beginners.  Smaller kids will be more thrilled with the part of the slope, where sledging is allowed. We came back twice, returning exhausted but happy.  

Let's ride  - Velke Karlovice
Let’s ride – Velke Karlovice


The village has several places to sit or grab sth to eat nearby the ski slopes. Next to the kids slope, there is an igloo, where you can buy rather fast food or hot beverages. If you crave for a big plate of warm food, I recommend Hospoda Kycerka, it’s a bit further, but worth the walk. Because the Wallachian region is really close to Slovak border, a traditional Slovak meal Halusky is quite popular here. But of course, you can choose other regional specialties, served directly from the oven or smokehouse. The restaurant offers a distinctive Wallachian atmosphere. Decor gives you the feel of a hunting cabin. It’s not cheap by the Czech standards, but definitely worth a try. During high winter season it may be packed during lunch hour, which for Czechs start around 11 am and ends at 2 pm.


Once you finish with your meal you can admire views of the picturesque landscape of the Vsetín Hills There is also a mystic trail down the way, lined with sculptures of legendary crafts, mountain houses and Wallachian musicians. 

Wooden figures
Wooden figures


You shouldn’t leave without trying frgal – a traditional Wallachian dessert.  Flat, round yeast cake with fruit or nut filling. A good way to supplement lost calories or as a comfort food.  


Velke Karlovice on its own is a charming village with over 2 thousand inhabitants. Its original timbered architecture has been well preserved. The most important and undoubtedly the most popular among tourists and photographers is the timbered church of Our Lady of the Snows from 1754. Velke Karlovice in Beskids invites not only winter madmen, but it’s also beloved by cyclists. Specialized bike resort Wallachia and Bike Park Kycerka tempt the extreme riders. During the winter season, except Synot-Kycerka Ski area you can also visit Ski Razula or Ski Machuzky.  

2002 Velke Karlovice 18
Velke Karlovice – wooden church

Nature, sport, fine food experience – all you wish for in Velke Karlovice.  

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