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Rosice is one of those towns, you don’t really think there’s much to do, but you end up spending the whole day in it. This small village offers quite a good hike, pleasant food experience and a cultural involvement.  

Up the hill 

Let’s start with the hike. From the Palackeho square you may either follow the green path and then turn to yellow one in order to reach the hill at the southern edge of Rosice village. You may also follow the Na Schodech street, which literally means on the stairs and it is a shortcut. Then again, find the yellow path and follow it. This track will lead you through the cross way straight to the Holy Trinity Chapel.  It’s around 1,5 kilometer walk from the center. On the way back you may take it in a different direction – following the yellow path into the fields, then through the forest – unfortunately the path is not marked, that’s why I’m attaching the map. After few hundred meters in the forest you will reach the train station, go under the bridge and back to the center.

Chapel of Holy Trinity 

The chapel Holy Trinity was built 300 years ago on a hill above the Rosice village. It has a unique shape, with a circular floor plan. The main altar is decorated with a Holy Trinity Sculpture. There’s a crypt underneath the chapel. In the alley leading to the chapel, you can find twelve stone stations of the cross with carved reliefs. This place is a pilgrimage site to celebrate the Holy Trinity 

Holy Trinity Chapel, Rosice
Holy Trinity Chapel

Food experience 

There’re few restaurants in Rosice, which is more than expected in my opinion. We’ve visited Rosice several times before and tried different places. There’s a café with kids’playroom called Gelaterie Rosice. It’s on the main street: Palackeho Namesti.  On the other side of the rout, next to the information centre you may find an Italian restaurant Borsa, which serves original italian dishes. I had a delicious tomato soup and amazing desserts. Raz Dva also seems to be a good choice –modern, fresh looking restaurant with pasta and burgers.  

Cultural Involvement 

Chateau Rosice, even though closed these days may be an interesting point to see. It’s built on the site of a former castle, incorporating some parts into the body of a Renaissance chateau. In 17th century one of the most powerful family lived here – Zerotin. After 1948 chateau was misused, rebuilt and devastated, however from 1989 it’s been gradually restored to its original beauty. Recently, it’s registered as a Cultural Monument and is an important Architectural landmark. You may visit the chateau’s interiors from April till October for 130 kc –there’re 20 rooms to see. There’s also an exhibition of toys, that may be viewed all year round on weekends for 70 kc. As of covid-19 precautions it’s still closed.  

Chateau Rosice
Chateau Rosice

Rosice on its own 

Rosice seems to be a self-sufficient town with an Ice Rink, cinema, café, restaurants and different shops. The village’s library as well as the town hall are located in the chateau. The chateau is also a site of a Family centre, Leisure or Cultural Centre. A lot is going on in normal circumstances. 

Where to 

 Rosice is remoted 25 kilometres from Brno. It’s a fast drive through Popuvky U Brna. A direct link on a train line Brno-Rosice will take you there within 30 minutes.  

Want more? 

During the hot summer months, you may visit BIOTOPE Oslavany, Biotop Ricany, both close by. Few minutes away there’s also a railway museum in Zbysov.

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