Burano – the most colorful island in Italy

Burano, located in the Venice Lagoon, is known for its lace product making tradition and bright rainbow colours of its houses.  Make it a half-day trip from Venice and enjoy the explosion of colours.


Theories are different, one more solid than the another. But the truth is that Burano has a long tradition as a fisherman community and the colours were supposed to help fishermen get back home easily in the morning mist. The other theory is that it also help them return home when they were coming back from the bar – pretty drunk as you may assume. From the other source, it’s said that the colours were there to differentiate families at the beginning.  

For me the most solid may be that inhabitants of Burano wanted to attract people to ther island seeing the huge popularity of Venice. It’s smaller, not so crowded, more picturesque and most of all – it’s colorful! 


You need to admit that the houses are amazingly good maintained, as if they were painted every couple of years. And that may be true. According to the law, the houses should be upkeep. And one more thing, it’s not allowed to just paint your house as you wish, it must be approved by local government. They need to verify your request to paint the house, check if it matches the colour of the neighbouring buildings and once approved paint it.   


I’d suggest to avoid weekends and holidays in gneral, but if you happen to be on Burano that time, then skip hours between 10 am to 3 pm. Arrive with the first vaporetto and enjoy the empty streets. Of course that early in the morning, souvenir shops, restaurant and even coffee shops will be closed, but nothing’s lost. You may buy yourself a cup of coffee and some souvenirs on your way back.  


There’s no need to stress over the fact that you won’t see it all. You will, the island is quite small and in order to get to know it a bit better, 2-3 hours is enough. I’d say grab a take-away coffee, walk, Find the most colorful building in the whole Burano and take yourself a selfie in front of it. What’s more, observe ladies making lace or buy yourself a souvenir at the Piazza Galuppi.  


This square is named after Baldassare Galuppi, a composer, who lived in Burano in the XVIII century. The square today is the center of social life and a place for events. You’ll find here ladies making lace, or the one selling souvenirs. You will see the Duomo of the island and the entrance to the Lace Museum.  


This 53 meter tall tower is visible from almost every point in Burano, but the best location for photos is from the Terranova’s marble bridge or the Giudecca’s street. The tower was built in XVII century with some Renaissance and neoclassical architectural features. 

It’s inclined of 1.83 meters, because of land subsidence.  


Originally “la Casa di Bepi Suà”, the house of Joseph Sweaty is the most colorful in the whole Burano.  

Bepi’s house


Tre Ponti means 3 bridges in English but it is actually one wooden bridge that connects 3 canals and 3 of the most colorful streets of Burano. During high season it’s really occupied, so it’s almost impossible to get through.  

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