7 attractions for kids in Krakow

Unique architecture, historical buildings, UNESCO Sites – it’s nothing that a little traveller would want to see in the itinerary. Kids are more demanding than we may think. Walking around the city Center, searching for a lovely narrow street to take the shot, or going inside Baroque Church may quickly get monotonous and boring. The trip may turnabout into a nightmare.  Surprisingly, Krakow with kids may be fun as well. To your regular sightseeing twine a few extraordinary spots for kids. Young travellers will be thrilled 


A fire-breathing dragon sounds horrifying, but truth be told kids love it. The Wawel dragon is a hallmark of Krakow, probably known in the whole world. It has its dem on the Vistula boulevards. You definitely won’t miss the spot. It’s always surrounded by people. Every time we’re in Krakow it’s our first stop. Kids just want to say “hi” to the dragon.  

Dragon at the Wawel Castle
Dragon at the Wawel Castle


It’s the smallest candy factory in Poland. It’s situated on Grodzka street, so you may incorporate this visit with a city centre sightseeing tour. This 50 square meter factory invites kids for the candy shows. The process of preparing and making beloved candies and lollipops is deliberately explained. The show is taking place every full hour, starting at 11 am. Also, every product sold there is handmade without any enhancers.  

Ciuciu Cukier Art
Ciuciu Cukier Art


Krakow Cloth Hall impresses with its architecture, but this is not the reason kids go there. It’s full of charming souvenirs, small bric-a-bracs, colourful t-shirts or plush dragons. It’s a paradise for kids. While you look into the good stuff, your kid will definitely catch the eye on something else.  



While the biggest medieval market square in Europe is a must-see in Krakow, for kids it’s just buildings. But surprise, surprise. Every full hour a trumpeter opens a window on the north tower of Maria’s Basilica and plays the Hejnał song. It’s quite an experience. Especially when you hear the story behind it. The song’s purpose was to warn the city of approaching enemy, fire, or any other danger. When in 1241 the guard saw Tatars, he started playing the Hejnał song, but unfortunately didn’t make it till the end. He was hit with an arrow. Till these days the song is played exactly to that point – it suddenly ends.  

Main Square
Main Square


Situated in Wolski forest, a bit outside of the city centre, but still accessible with public transportation, ZOO is a paradise for kids. ZOO in Krakow is not the biggest one in Poland, but it’s located in the beautiful scenery. Surrounded by forest – may be a great escape point during hot summer days.  


This is an educational park with 6 settlements from around the world. This interactive exhibition introduces kids to the traditions and customs of other nations. It allows experiencing a different culture. Educational workshops emphasize the importance of diversity, distant cultures, and their everyday life. It’s a fun place to be for a kid and the one he/she can learn something new. The park is located 20 minutes’ walk from Wawel castle along the Vistula river. More information on the page.


A garden designed for physics lovers. The garden is filled with different devices demonstrating the phenomena of physics, Geo-garden or sensory exhibition. I rather say it’s for older kids, who would understand all of it. So, if your kids are under 7, you can skip it. It’s located around 6 km outside the inner city. More info about the exact location and opening hours to be found on the webpage.  


If you are planning to visit Krakow for more than one day, it may be a good idea to take a trip to a nearby Wieliczka salt mine. It’s definitely a memorable experience.

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