Rajec Jestrebi
Czech Republic,  South Moravia

Magnificent Rajec Jestrebi chateau

Sometimes I chose my destinations by the extraordinary look of the castle or chateau. Even if I don’t plan to go inside, I can just enjoy its exteriors. Rajec Jestrebi is one of that places. I was fascinated by its look in the summer, when all the flowers bloom. So, I wanted to check out its winter scenery as well. 


From the train station Rajec Jestrebi it’s a 20-minute walk to the chateau. Yellow path at the crossing will lead you through this small town. After few hundred meters the path turns right, but I suggest to do a small detour to see the water ponds with an interesting little island. Everything well-kept and clean. Once you reach the chateau wall you may enter the forest park through the gate, instead of going along with the yellow path. You will enter the chateau from the back, but at least you get the chance to walk by the quiet and peaceful garden. We’re all alone there.   

Rajec Jestrebi
Rajec Jestrebi


Although passage of time can be seen with a bare eye, the classicist chateau still ravishes with its magnificent view.  It’s huge, but these days it stands there as if abandoned mansion. Almost zero people coming around, everything closed. Emptiness and sorrow hangs in the air. When opened from late May, there’re two basic tours around the castle, every lasts around 40 minutes and costs 140 kc. The main gates are opened all year round, so everyone can take a look from the outside and take a walk around the castle. 

Rajec Jestrebi chateau
Rajec Jestrebi chateau


The town is situated 33 kilometres north from Brno, only 6 kilometres away from Blansko. A direct train connection from Brno will take you to Rajec Jestrebi within 40 minutes. If you decide to go by car, the parking spot is by the main entrance. Except the chateau there’s nothing really to see in Rajec Jestrebi.  


If you want to see more, I suggest visiting nearby Blansko. There’s another chateau. You may also hike straight away from Rajec Jestrebi to Observation Tower Veselice, but it’s almost a 10 kilometer walk. Or you may visit Cerna Hora and its brewery.  Of course, everything in the near future, when we will be free from all the restrictions.

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