• Berlin

    One day in Berlin, Germany

    Having just one day in a foreign city, one needs to be picky. Obviously, it’s nearly impossible to go around the whole city, visit its every corner, drop by that recommended gallery or eat dinner in a fancy restaurant. It’s…

  • Town Hall in Olomouc
    Czech Republic,  Olomouc Region

    Things to do in Olomouc

    Olomouc is the 6th biggest city in the Czech Republic. After Prague, Brno, and Plzen it’s another city worth visiting. Its architecture, culture, and religious heritage invite for a one-day trip. Count the fountains, look for the UNESCO site and…

  • IMG 20221029 151322683 HDR 2

    2 days in Warsaw, Poland – is it enough? 

    Warsaw – the capital city and the biggest city in Poland is full of attractions, but how many days is enough? 1, 2 or more? Of course, the more you stay, the more you see. But let me show you…

  • Lodz

    Lodz, Poland- 4 awesome ways to see it.

    Lodz is an industrial city in the heart of Poland. It’s often omitted as a tourist attraction. However, it might be a fun destination for a one-day trip.   Depending on who your fellow traveler is, Lodz can be seen from…

  • IMG 20220828 162648996

    How expensive Oslo really is? 

    Norway is in the top 3 of the most expensive countries in the world. I’m well aware our perception of expensive differs and it depends on the exchange rate, how much we earn and what country we came from. But…

  • IMG 20220828 132933186 HDR2

    Oslo on a budget – 12 free things to do

    Oslo is the capital city of Norway, one of the most expensive countries in Europe. It’s also the largest city in Norway with a population of over 1 million people. The city is modern, luxurious, and trendy. This metropolis is…