One day in Berlin, Germany

Having just one day in a foreign city, one needs to be picky. Obviously, it’s nearly impossible to go around the whole city, visit its every corner, drop by that recommended gallery or eat dinner in a fancy restaurant. It’s either or. You either choose to visit all the top spots or take it easy and try to feel the city’s vibe.  Which one do you choose? Let me share several things we managed to see in Berlin within just few hours hours! 


Located in the heart of Europe, Berlin is a convenient hub for rail connections all across the continent. On the other hand, the new airport  Berlin Brandenburg “Willy Brandt” also invites to visit, especially that it has its own railway station directly below the terminal, so getting to the center could not be easier. If you prefer to come by your own car, don’t worry about parking. You may find one of many park and ride locations close the tram stations S-Bahn or U-bahn.  If applicable, the parking rates per day are € 0.50 to € 1.50. 


Berlin has a very well developed network of urban transportation. It’s metro: U-bahn wih 10 different lines, 176 stations and 146 kilometers of tracks reaching every corner of the city. Next, you may try the train: S-bahn, which is a good alternative for trips outside of Berlin. Available are also buses and trams, which cover basically the whole city. But one of the most popular method to move around Berlin is by bike. Cycle paths here cover more than 600 kilometers, so you can get safely from one spot to another.  


Without a doubt, this 26-meter tall Neoclassical gate is the most popular landmark in Berlin. It was built in 1791, inspired by the Propylaea in Athens’ Acropolis. It was a part of the Berlin’s wall, which in history was a symbol of a divided nation, but now it stands as a symbol of unity and peace.   


Not that far from the Brandenburg gate lies the memorial to murdered Jews of Europe, also known as Holocaust Memorial.  It’s a collection of 2,711 concrete slabs, covering 19,000 square meters. It’s to honor and remember the 6 millions Jewish victims of Holocaust and to commit not to be a part of such a cruelty never again! 


Follow the Ebert street until you reach the Potsdamer Platz, new and modern leasure and entertainment area, which was opened in October 1998, after 5 years of building. There’re theatres, cinemas, casinos, more than 30 restaurants and a hotel – everything in 17 buildings, that are part of this design.    


Located on the corner of Friedrichstraße and Zimmerstraße, it is a reminder of the former border crossing, the Cold War and the division of Berlin. What you see here nowadays is based on the original site: the barrier with the checkpoint booth, the flague and the sandbags, and the soldiers of course. It was the third checkpoint opened by alliens in and around Berlin, that’s why the name. (1. Alfa, 2. Bravo, 3. Charlie).


Berlin’s Museum Island, settled between the Spree river and the Spree canal, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. It’s a complex of 5 impressive buildings with a spectrum of collections from prehistory to 19th century art. The following museums: New Museum, Old Museum, Old National Gallery, Bode Museum and Pergamon Museum are worth visiting, not only because of its assortment, but for the buildings itself. The whole area is the most amazing museum complexes in Europe. During hot summer days, the outside zone transfers to a picnic ground with people enjoying good food and company all over it.  


Try to see Berlin and the museum island from a different perspective. Go on a commented boat tour, where you can learn few facts from the city’s history and visit the most important spots. What’s more, your can try the currywurst and enjoy a pint of beer.  


The Berlin TV Tower, with its 368 m, is the tallest building in the city. It‘s known by the locals as Fernsehturm. The tower, located on Alexander square is Berlin’s most outstanding and easily seen landmark. Look up, the steel sphere is an observation deck, at height 203 meters and the ground above it, there’s a fancy restaurant serving gourmet meals. So, if you want to enjoy a wonderful view of the city, take the lift up. What’s more the observation deck rotates, so you get to see 360° panorama. To reserve your spot or find out about the admission prices, visit.


The cental square of the eastern city center with top sights such as: already mentioned TV Tower, the World Clock, and the Fountain of Friendship between Nations. The square is often visited by locals for shopping, there’re few stores with fashion brands. Historically, Alexanderplatz did not survive the Second World War unharmed. In April 1945, large-scale destruction happened here. In 1964, a competition to redesign Alexanderplatz was announced. It was decided that the square will be pedestrian only zone, with no traffic. By 1969, the square’s most attractive buildings were built: the former Centrum department store (now Galeria Kaufhof), the former Hotel Stadt Berlin (now Hotel Park Inn), the World Time Clock, and the Fountain of Friendship between Nations. It was also when the TV Tower was inaugurated.  


The Berlin Wall was a guarded concrete barrier that encircled West Berlin from 1961 to 1989, separating it from East Berlin and East Germany (GDR) . Up till these days, you maye see the remnants of the wall along its former line. There’re information boards refering to the history or street art. On the pieces that still holds together. According to locals, the best place to see the Berlin Wall is at the east Side Gallery along the Mühlenstraße.  


Imagine you had few more days in the city, allowing yourself to enter the gallery after all or enjoy picnic at the museum island. If you like staying in the city center, try Suite.030 LUX Penthouse or Hotel ZOE by AMANOO, which are both superb, but more expensive options. If you’re looking for something cheaper, go a bit further from the city, but with a metro access. What about: Hotel Europa City or Mercure Hotel Berlin City West?

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